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Canceled for this year the famous Palio Rowing Argentario

Canceled for this year the famous Palio Rowing Argentario

Pale at the bow? This year, no, because in August in Porto Santo Stefano will not be held in the beautiful seaside stadium called “Turquoise” the oldest and most famous event of the Palio of the Argentario, also called Palio Marinaro of Argentario, in its 79 th edition , regatta rowing among the longest and follow the world of four classic fishing boats, called in the vernacular Santostefanese “guzzi” and the boats as the four principal winds, Maestrale, Grecale, Libeccio and Scirocco which puts in competition the four districts of country Cross, Fortress, Pilarella and Valle.


The Ente Palio Marinaro Argentario was forced to cancel the summer maritime competition, very difficult decision resulting from the careful evaluation of the current international health emergency linked to Covid-19, the provisions of the Government and the Region of Tuscany, and especially for social distancing measures for the safety of citizens, who would not allow the demonstration to the full protection of the health of spectators and the athletes themselves. Other historical and important events for the same reasons have already been canceled throughout Italy.

The painting testimonial of the Palio of last year the author Mario Wongher – photo Daniele Busetto

In Porto Santo Stefano on the Argentario Palio Marinaro it is held since 1937 and only the events of the Second World War from 1940 to 1944 caused its suspension. Artemare following the following 21 years, that the event will be back next year definitely more beautiful and more felt than ever, for the passion and love for the land of residents and thousands of tourists Argentario, for its nature and its traditions. The Palio Marinaro Argentario stems from the many legends, the most remembered is the escape of a Tartarone, carrying a crew of local fishermen, pursued by a ship of Saracen pirates who in 1600 infested the waters of the Tuscan Sea, done so rowing event commemorated by the time the State of the Garrisons, between the years 1664 and 1667, until August 1937 when it was drafted the first rules of the event and the Town of Monte Argentario became the organizer. At that time, the challenge was run over a distance of three thousand meters in line, no turns. The boats were towed out to sea by a fishing vessel that housed the jury outfit and the path to ground. In the second edition of 1938 instead of the traditional fishing boats, were used spears with square stern with Ida names, Gioietta, Ada, Alga.

The middle hull of the Argentario Guzzo made by Angelo Captains – photo Daniele Busetto

Remica The competition is managed by Ente Palio, led by Emilio Scano, it is chaired by the Mayor Franco Borghini making use of delegated Municipality Alessandra Cocchia and many others. The event is included among those of historical Tuscany Region, has always distinguished guests of honor and comes picked up by national and local broadcasters because it is a spectacular event and confirms that the Argentario Sea, with a capital M and is among the most beautiful of the world!

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