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Captain Sandy talks about drug use in the new season of Under Deck Deck Med!

Captain Sandy talks about drug use in the new season of Under Deck Deck Med!

“This is part of yachting. So I always just that I’m not saying the law. The agency Maritime Coastguard makes the law,” says Yawn. “This means that the law prohibits crew members to take medication. If they are prescription drugs, they must be connected. They must be monitored. We are responsible for life. As for the guests . well, I’m just saying, “Hey, Mr. main customer, we can not have drugs on board, you need to tell your friends to take drugs.” and then I called his broker and I informed I then called the manager and I informed them. so I stick to my protocol. You know, I do not look through people’s business, I’m just saying that if they do not comply, then I have to go to the dock and (remove) the boat. and that’s an unfortunate thing for us all, but most people largely follow the guidelines established by the maritime coastguard agency. ”

Aside from illegal activities, Captain Sandy said the crew will honor the exaggerated demands of any guest for this season Below the bridge Med.

“I do not think there crazy demands on a yacht because this is what we expect. We are in the service sector,” she said. “So, anything you want is within the legal limits, we will do our best to get there. This is where dreams come true. This is what we do.”

Below the first Mediterranean bridge on Monday 1 June at 21 pm on Bravo. Catching Below the Med bridge here!

(E! And Congratulations are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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