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Challenge Spring 2019 – A taste of Spi Ouest-France in Morbihan Destination Challenge Spring Société Nautique de Trinité-sur-Mer (SNT) – Surf News

Challenge Spring 2019 – A taste of Spi Ouest-France in Morbihan Destination Challenge Spring Société Nautique de Trinité-sur-Mer (SNT) – Surf News

Over a hundred crews joined the lines of starting the fifth and final Challenge Spring Société Nautique de Trinité-sur-Mer (SNT) before the Spi Ouest-France Destination Morbihan 2019. The tension was palpable under very weather variables that gave a hard crew as the Race Committee.

 On Saturday, while the IRC Double and Mini 6.50 competed on a coastal 14 MN route IRC A, B and C, the Grand Surprise, Mach 6.5, Open 7.50, Osiris Habitable A and B and J 70 took the start a technical course in a wind turning around ten knots. After arriving in a big grain, a second start was given, but the conditions were so changeable and the wind having abated (4-5 knots), the Race Committee decided to cancel this round.

 Sunday announced the winds being very uncertain direction, a coastal course of 10 MN was launched for all series with three separate starts. A large banana in the bay of Quiberon, in a wind of 8 to 15 knots, so close in style five flying high weekends when the largest to the smallest, the old veteran to the young rookie, all boat categories and sailors clashed.

This weekend was also an opportunity to launch the first Sun Fast World Cup. The Sun Fast boats known on IRC racing circuit, the inshore navigation and transatlantic have an impressive international record. Victorious on mythical races such as the Sydney Hobart, Spi Ouest France Destination Morbihan or the Commodores’ Cup, the Sun Fast encompass a demanding community of sailors and seasoned. 33 crews were given appointment in the bay of Quiberon and clashed every day on a coastal path and a technical course.

 Jean-Yves Jaffrezic (Pornic Nautic) won in front of Sun Fast 3200 Bertrand Daniels (EDM Service TSQLR) and François le Guern (Team Delta Voiles Piacenza).

 Paolo Mangione (Ciao Ciao TSQLR) and Gilles Pages (Tip) take second and third place in the Sun Fast 3600, behind the overall winner Frédéric Duhtil (Technical Sailing) that achieves a masterful doubled.

Undisputed winner in IRC A, Codiam had a very good start to the season and crushes the competition. Jean-Claude Nicoleau and Nicolas Loday sailed with talent and have won seven races on the ten sailed. Alain Foulquier takes the second position on the majestic Saga, before Jacques Pelletier (Qualiconsult). In two weeks, the race to win the three titans of Trinité-sur-Mer will be more exciting to follow. It will of course also rely on Gerry Trentesaux and Mail recommended that finish fourth Challenge Spring 2019, to make sparks.

As expected, Gilles Prietz (Ioalia) put the package in IRC B. He tears the victory of a small point to Benedict Rousselin (Delnic) in the final round. The battle for third place was also fierce. She returns in extremis Christmas Racine (Foggy Dew), winner of the 2018 IRC SPI 3, which was hard to face Jean-Yves le Goff (Realax).

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Claude Merlivat (Minipyge) wins the Challenge Spring 2019 IRC C. head throughout the early season, it is not left apart by competition. The weekend was profitable for Jean-Philippe Haag (Garance) that mounts the second step of the podium thanks to two good races. Alain Guélennoc (Riwanon III) retains its place and completes the top three.

legitimate victory for Antoine Croyère and Richard Massiot (Hey Joe) who put the IRC Dual input tuning game. In the lead throughout the five weekends, the duo was able to face the onslaught of François and Moriceau Christophe Wauban (Mary) and of all the competitors in this class always represented. The third position back to Matthieu Lucet and Ervan Kernevez (Didgeri Two), very regular.

With a big lead in the standings, Louis Thuilliez (Aether Sailing Team) absent this weekend, maintains the leadership in Grand Surprise. He won the Challenge Spring before Jean-François Mercier (cyclotron) and Guilhem Bremond (Mojito) which on the podium after the last two rounds particularly successful. The competition promises to be fierce in this monoytpie whose record of enrollment should be beaten at the Easter Regatta.

Still very fit, Mach 6.5 fought like lions to win seats in the rankings. But they did not count on the comfortable lead crew Ankou, who won masterfully this Spring Challenge. Nicolas Troussel, helmsman of Ankou, was imperial face Yves le Blevec (Actual), yet very regular and always in good moves. Third, Matthew Jones (Alternative Sailing) increasingly shaped to progressively weekends, will not count and discharge a sixth consecutive victory SPI search.

 Still on sportboats that make the heyday of Quiberon Bay, Antoine Gautier (Open Game) won the Spring Challenge Open 7.50. It trumps Julien Bourgeois, yet very comfortable on Open Bar from the beginning of the season. Third place went to Matthew Leys (Qualiconfort – The Bar Tab ‘). Note the good performance of Daniel Fish (Open Your Eyes) benefiting from the mistakes of top names in the series to hit a fine fourth place.

 The level in the Spi Ouest-France Destination Morbihan promises once again to be very tough in both monotypies the playground-like for the big names in sailing.

Vincent and Bruno Kerviler Chou room (Eukem by X-Elles) realize a beautiful Spring Challenge and s’adjugent the top winning hand Osiris Habitable A. They lead Frédéric Guillemot (Miss J) taking advantage of a departure Rémi premature Vidor (the Sinagots) to secure the second place. Rémi Vidor maintains its third position on Mayero crew, skippered by Jean Passini, winner of two races this weekend.

Osiris Habitable B, it is almost Guy Pronier (Sphenoid) lost its position as undisputed leader facing Erwan Lebeau (Souezhadenn). Both teams finished the Challenge of Spring tied into points following a premature start under black flag for Guy Pronier. Too eager to do battle, it wins the Challenge of Spring after five fierce battle weekends. Third place went to Patrick Roussel (Gauvain) who kept a cool head to face competition.

Four races were sailed in J 70, the opportunity for the Typhaine Bray (Ener’J) and Julie Lanckbeen (Syner’J) their knowledge before the big event of the weekend of Easter. Julie Lanckbeen win this Challenge, tied into points with the crew of Typhaine.

The regularity paid for Mathieu Lacharme (Bahia), the only rider to have been present since early February, which finished at the top of the Mini 6.50. The differences are small and it is ahead of the Champion of France 2018, Erwan the Led (Rousseau Closing) by one point. William the Hostis, Alternative Sailing Team made a smashing return to business, won both races of the weekend and thus wins the third place. With fifteen Mini expected for the first time to race double during the four days of the SPI, this highly anticipated series will be once again talking about her.

“The number of teams in the Challenge Spring is proof of the attraction for the Trinity-sur-Mer and the races of the SNT,” Antoine analysis Croyère, President of the Société Nautique de la Trinité-sur-Mer. “It is always satisfying to say that there are as many people who browse. Everyone was happy, the riders of the Challenge like those of the Sun Fast World Cup Saturday despite difficult conditions. Now place Spi Ouest-France Destination Morbihan where we are certain to have more than 400 boats. With several new categories, this is a good year for this legendary race and for the SNT, which celebrates its 140 years. We are confident and excited to work closely with the new West France team. Our goal is as always to meet the runners, they take maximum pleasure during the four days of racing. ”

The entire team of the SNT and riders all over France to meet up from 18 to 22 April for the Spi Ouest-France Destination Morbihan 2019. More than 400 crews are expected in sixteen categories to participate in the inevitable appointment that launches the regatta season.

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