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From 70 to 270 thousand euro: I buy it new! SECOND PART

From 70 to 270 thousand euro: I buy it new! SECOND PART

Find your way in the world of new production boats, for those who intend to buy, is undoubtedly a “game” fascinating but it is not always easy to have clear ideas. In preparation we posed a question: if today a hypothetical potential owner would have a budget, from 70 to 270,000 Euros, which then would translate roughly 30 to 45 feet, which could buy the boat?

The price range is not accidental, is what could be termed as “average” for potential buyers of a new boat. From this discussion it was born a market analysis, which we propose here the second of 4 EPISODES, (HERE FIRST) time to “flush out” some of the most famous models currently in production among the major shipyards. A sort of mini “book” of the new that will serve you for the next season of the lounges or just to get an idea of ​​what new boats there are around, at what price and with what characteristics. As you will read in the following pages, ranging from small cruise boats up to those from long voyages, through sports models to be used both in the race and cruise. For each one we show the last known price list, it is the departure cost, without accessories or optional extras than the standard version of the boat, excluding VAT and transportation. Of the indicative prices still if we are to evaluate the purchase.

Azuree 41

The 12 meters of Sirena Marine is the “little brother” of 46 feet. The project is in fact just the dell’Azuree lines 46 and is the result of dI international designers: Rob Huphreys for the naval architecture and exterior lines (such Azuree 46), while Tommaso Spadolini gave to an Italian touch ‘aesthetics and the internal concept. Specifications: length. f. t .: 12.50 m; Width: 3.94 m; pesc .: 2.40 m; disloc .: 8.360 kg; sup. vel. 100 square meters; site: Sirena Marine. Price: 202,000 E.


A comfortable boat, with a high interior finishing and the characteristics of seaworthiness and good navigability typical of the cruise boats designed by Umberto Felci, which for years is the benchmark designer of French giant, one of the leading shipyards in the world monohull . Specifications: length. f. t .: 13.24 m; width: 4,30 m; pesc .: 2.10 m; disloc .: 9,500 kg; sup. vel. 92 square meters;

Shipyard: Dufour; Price: 186 589 E.


A boat designed for offshore racing or very sporty cruise, which aims to compete with Sun Fast JPK or French. The new entry level Grand Soleil is a boat “tenacious” in the strong wind and gliding, a project outside the box with a strong personality. Specifications: length. f. t .: 10.70 m; width: 3,80 m; pesc .: 2.18 m; disloc .: 4,900 kg; sup. vel. 71 square meters; site: Cantiere Del Pardo; Price: 139,000 E.


If there is one thing even more difficult to achieve a successful boat, it is repeated with the next. Italy Yachts with new 11.98 aims to bring about a very different measure the success had with the 998, creating a though most complete boat, truly versatile of the race and cruise, and revisiting some of the typical elements that have characterized the yard this years. Specifications: length. f. t .: 11.98 m; width: 3,98 m; pesc .: 2.10 m; disloc .: 6,200 kg; sup. vel. 93 square meters; site: Italian Yachts;

Price: 210,000 E.


A day sailer which also grants short cruises, but also a boat that is a blend of style, with classical aesthetics and modern construction and the quality of a site from the still artisan dimensions. Without forgetting the typical performance for half a sport that enrich this gem of the day sailer market.

Specifications: length. f. t .: 9.60 m; width: 2,72 m; pesc .: 1.45 m; disloc .: 2.800 kg; sup. vel. 49 m; site: Saffier;

Price: 106 950 E

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