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From the Palio di Siena the Florentine football. Diary of events that there will be

From the Palio di Siena the Florentine football. Diary of events that there will be

Massimiliano Lenzi 29 May 2020 in



The first dictionary of the Italian language, the Academy of Bran, the year 1612, the football word among other things stated: “It is also the name of a football game, just and ancient city of Florence, in the guise of orderly battle, It went from ‘Greek to Latin, and’ Latin to us. ” This is the historic Florentine football this year will not be held, due to coronavirus. The event in 2020, which each year attracts in Florence between late May and June, thousands of tourists and fans and embodies one of the most beloved and ancient rites of the Tuscan capital, jump. And to think that she did not stop even during the siege of Florence, 1530, when perhaps even held one of the most famous games in its history, a game that was also a challenge to the enemy with violence besieging the city.

Of great historical and Italian entertainment events, however, the historical football is not the only victim. If we move from Florence to nearby Siena, the city hated by the Florentines, we discover that the Palio di Siena – famous throughout the world – will not go on stage. The Palio of July, due to the pandemic Covid-19, is canceled. And also that of August, the Palio, it will not do.

And since there is no two without three, if we move from Florence and Siena in Arezzo, in Tuscany always, we meet another cancellation: the Giostra del Saracino, famous and spectacular event on June 20 will not be held. Up to September, however there are still hopes, of course, allowing viruses. “Stay regularly scheduled – we read on the site – ​​at least for now, the edition of the Tournament dedicated to Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in the first centenary of the birth, scheduled for Sunday, September 6, and subject to the possibility of its development in conditions of security jousters, performers and spectators, essential conditions for all events, including the quartierista weeks. ”

Of these carousels Arezzo, in Tuscany and in the past millennium has been the cradle of the world, especially from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, he even wrote Dante Alighieri in Canto XXII of Hell (Divine Comedy): “I saw Corridor for your land, or Aretini , I turned and saw Gualdane, Fedir torneamenti and striving carousel. ”

Those who, despite the fear that for too many months going through the whole of Italy, does not seem to let go of the story that makes the show and memory, is Venice. In Venice, on September 6, it will stage the usual Historical Regatta, the main event in the annual calendar of races Voga alla Veneta, a discipline unique in the world practiced for thousands of years in the lagoon of Venice. The town of Venice is trying to figure out how to do it but the event, for now, is confirmed. Because how often repeated a Venetian famous Giacomo Casanova, “who decided to do something, and not think of anything else, overcomes all obstacles.” Including the fear.

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