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Glénan: the Blue Cruise will not resume sailings until July

Glénan: the Blue Cruise will not resume sailings until July

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With the Vedettes de l’Odet is the shipping company operating the crossings to the Glénan: Blue Cruises, in Concarneau, will not provide the immediate outputs to the archipelago. “Uncertainty prevails, I count the best four to five weeks for an eventual recovery, so it will not be before July,” says Frederic Evain, head of the company. Is that you run a business that has never been able to start this year, the containment having destroyed all the early season, with the cancellation of all group of retired outlets, which represent 80% of operation period. Cancellation as a dozen school groups, the company carries the Glénan in the partnership.

In August, up to 3 000 people with Glénan day!

It also takes time to set up, on board, a health protocol adapted: “It will probably reduce the capacity of the boat 30 to 40%: the Azenor, catamaran makes the crossing, can accommodate 196 passengers for an average of 140 per day. This summer, it would be limited to 100 seats to be reasonable. ” Reasonable, a watchword that must be widely shared: some days of August, the archipelago and its small beaches receive up to 3000 people, between passenger ships and special. Problematic, given the health situation …

What is certain is that the Blue Cruise will resume in two weeks outings Concarneau Bay aboard Popeye. “Tickets are sold at tourist offices, which can accommodate fewer people: hope that the wait does not deter those who want to embark,” Frederic Evain slides. A season of funny looks.

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