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Step 2: boating breathe, but boaters still stuck. A plan for the charter: “Safest Beach”

Step 2: boating breathe, but boaters still stuck. A plan for the charter: “Safest Beach”

NAPLES – Boat and Phase 2. The restart is a done deal, some problems have been solved, but remain unresolved many issues and on certain issues rests uncertainty that makes the horizon less clear. Of course, the barometer has stopped to report the storm, but no one can yet say too far to say that he returned the calm, the sea is calm and that navigation can proceed with confidence.

If it is true that the most important shipyards pay essentially a production lags behind its German and Dutch competitors (they never stopped) and will honor deliveries with only a few weeks late of schedule, it is also true that there are objectively difficulties the organizers of exhibitions (the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, which was held in Viareggio 28 to 31 May, has been canceled), sailing regattas, sport fishing competitions, presentations of new boats.

Commercial structures are still off limits and boaters continue to pay a high price to the anti-virus measures, to the point – in some regions – could not even get on board their boats (under any circumstances if they are from outside the region). This is a problem, involving both private citizens, both charter agencies, for the moment unable to perform its water tourism.

It is all right? It ‘s all established according to the decrees and ordinances correct? And ‘quite acceptable? To what extent certain measures have been agreed, rather than imposed from above? And there are prospects for improvement in view of the approaching summer season? Of the many issues on the table has been said on Sunday evening, May 3, on the very eve of the end of the lockdown, during a live streaming PressMare organized by the agency, who asked, on the hot topics on the agenda, the President of Confindustria Nautica, Saverio Cecchi, and for institutional relations, Roberto Neglia.

It came out a mixed picture, “with the knowledge – said, however, Cecchi – that the industry, found the unit with the return of major sites like Baglietto, Ferretti Group, Fincantieri, and as a manager Lamberto Tacoli , they were represented as best you could in the confrontation with the institutions. And what – it was stressed – thanks to the work of managers and highly capable consultants, who carried out continuous monitoring of the sector since the beginning of March and presented dossiers and case studies on the basis of the government authorities and their experts have been able to operate with clear ideas about the value and needs of the sector “.

In his speech, the number 1 of Confindustria Nautica was keen to give too optimistic assurances Genoa Boat Show (moved, of course, from September to October) assuming that “will be a salon record and can be conducted in absolute safety thanks to the large spaces available. ” Especially, Cecchi was keen to stress that the documentation and representation of the sector’s authorities have taken into account not only the manufacturers of yachts and super yachts, but also the so-called “small boats”, pointing out that vessels up to 10 meters representing 86% of the Italian boat park. Nevertheless, it is in no way hinted that Naples has arisen an alternative association, AFINA (Italian Association of Chain Boat), who along with PNI (Polo Nautico Italian) represents about 250 companies dedicated just to manufacturers of boats and rafts of contained dimensions, and carried out independently targeted actions to tighten the timing of the recovery.

Obvious intention of avoiding controversy, as the young bell matrix association has beaten several routes, conducting independent negotiations with the palaces of politics, both nationally (with the minister Manfredi in the role of supporter), both local and putting even schedule an unusual salon, held in Bologna 17 to 25 October, just days after Genoa.

In an interview with the paper edition of the newspaper Il Mattino, the president of AFINA, Gennaro Amato, while acknowledging that “should be appreciated the rigor of the line so far held by the governor De Luca,” he said that “small businesses have lost an average of 40% of turnover “and that” the time has come to give boaters the opportunity to put in water their boats and use them freely, as provided by the Veneto Region “.

On the disparity between regions has raised the issue too Pierpaolo Bellina, editor of The Inflatable, disputing the provisions in force in Lombardy (Governor Fontana had at first anticipated as surfing the solitary would be granted in the lakes, but the order 3 May if they have not track view). Among the issues addressed, although the disparity between the region and the region in access on board for maintenance and fishing jobs, and the prohibition, in some regions – considered by many “unexplainable” – to embark in two on a boat 6 meters.

Roberto Neglia, the Confindustria man managing the relations with the institutions, explained that in the case of prohibitions imposed on boaters in some regions the Government’s approach is not to impose a ban on the belief in each sea or sleep on board its risky boat for the purpose of contagion; the goal is not to circulate the people in the path home-port-mooring. “Then – the expert added – can occur that each governor go on his way, but on this side we can do little. As is known, some governors have forced his hand, and the Government announced appeals to the TAR. We believe that it is unnecessary bumping fists and ask total openings. Better to proceed gradually, respecting red lights, yellow and green. At the moment, then, throughout the national territory is in force a ban on moving from region to region, so there is very little to do. You must avoid blatant protests and have patience. It ‘possible that the situation will change after May 18 “.

What you will be waiting? “We will continue the work of documentation and awareness of the authorities to decide – ensures Neglia -. We are working with the Ministry of Transport and Civil Protection to the idea of ​​including the pleasure of sports activities, in order to liberalize the use of the boat, and we will also support the charter reasons. At the same time we also work to liberalize access in commercial establishments related to boating and services. Everything is to get organized. If until now there has not been even a contagion between customers and operators of supermarkets, where it was observed a strict protocol on access and social distancing, I do not see why we can not do the same in other fields. ”

The green light to the charter would represent a big step forward both for individuals and for companies that deal with nautical tourism. In this regard, it is rooted opinion among operators, which liberalize the cruise activities on board of yachts and catamarans, sailboats and motor, can be an important chance for the next bathing season. “And ‘no doubt – Confindustria Nautica maintains in this respect – that this summer will be safer boating and on the beach.”

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