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The biggest scam of the yachts of Olbia sold to Arabs

The biggest scam of the yachts of Olbia sold to Arabs

Maxi tax evasion of a Tuscan entrepreneur who produced its boats in Sardinia then sold them in the tax haven of Malta.

He headed his company, which builds yachts in Olbia, at the head of the construction site. He transferred his residence in Valletta, in the tax haven of Malta, and there he created a company letterhead to a figurehead. The same was done in Dubai. Luxury yachts sold them in Valletta, without paying the VAT in Italy according to EU tax agreements. Buyers were all immigrants, with a company in the UAE.

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The tour, according to the Maltese tax authorities allowed him to return 95% of the VAT paid there. It is the unmasked system with the operation “All Blacks” by men of Olbia Group and the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza Sassari, coordinated by the prosecutor in Temple, Messing around a Tuscan entrepreneur. Seized goods for 3 million euro between Costa Smeralda and Tuscany: a luxury villa and its outbuildings, sheds, land and other buildings. With him are accused of tax inversion and international tax fraud two other people.

Photo: Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain

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