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VIDEO. A special convoy to Dieppe to the boat of the SNSM

VIDEO. A special convoy to Dieppe to the boat of the SNSM

Effervescence unusual this Friday, May 29, 2020, St. Thomas Asylum at Bout-du Quai in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime). The services of the port and the City of Dieppe and the volunteers of the SNSM are hard at work since 9 am in the morning.

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Their mission? Plaster Jean Bouzard it lifeboat throne before the City of the sea for many years. “And that is rotting,” laments the president of the SNSM, Philippe Brouard.

impressive operation

Along with the port agents who are active, curious invested instead. Because the operation is impressive. This is to raise with a crane the boat that weighed about 9 tons before laying it gently on a trailer pulled by a tractor.

Among the bystanders who observe the scene, Jean-Marie Doublet. It is with a twinge of heart he attends the towing. From 1950 to 1982, his father was the boss of Jean Bouzard. “It happened to him to embark few times. I was only 15, but I still have strong memories, “he says.

Admittedly sometimes alongside his father, he sailed as the sea was raging:

We came out by force 9. I clung, but despite this, my feet took off at least 15 cm with the trough of the waves. But it was a boat foolproof, which could collect more than current boats. ”

A stay in England

Out of the shipyard in 1938, the John Bouzard mission was to rescue at sea. In 1940, during World War II, he went to Cherbourg to participate in the evacuation of British soldiers. “Then he found himself in England to recover the sea airmen” says Philippe Brouard.

In 1946, the boat is back in Dieppe before “retiring after 43 years of service,” continued the president of the SNSM. Sheltered in a face hangar at the former prison, in the district of Pollet, it will be offered to the maritime museum of Le Havre. He will return to Dieppe few years later, when the City of the sea opens.

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“It was agreed at the time that a shelter be built, but this was not done. We decided to return to port and services found him a place in the African hangar “explains Brouard. SNSM believes that leave this boat any time deteriorate to public view, “this is not a good image for the sea rescue society.”

Eventually, his wish would of course see this restored boat “because it is part of the Dieppe heritage”. A restoration that will be encrypted. “But we know already that it will be very expensive,” said Brouard.

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