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Pole France – For EMC Sport reasserts itself

Pole France – For EMC Sport reasserts itself

The Mediterranean Training Center comes alive after almost 80 days of sporting scarcity. June frankly mark the restart of activities, with the organization of a female elite internship kitefoil They Kite and selection of teams that will comprise the Pole Changing Nacra17 France in September. The youth of Nacra15 are also in the starting blocks.

The health crisis was not without consequences on our operations: report of the Olympic Games a year and a stand-by for the France team Nacra17, elimination of international competitions, stop the drives in Nacra15, runners return home them, some far from the metropolis; late spring regattas Diam24 and cancellation of the Tour Sailing.

This new situation has upset programs and must now find new springs for further progress, despite the absence of international meetings and strong sporting goals in the short term. But just being able to return to sea is already a source of motivation for these athletes used to spend 200 days a year on the water.

June therefore comes as a liberation.

The women’s elite kitefoil at EMC

From June 8 to 13, Alexia Fancelli (French best in the world), Poema Newland (vice world champion YOG 2018), Matilda Garandeau and Heloise Pégourier will be in La Grande Motte on the occasion of a training elite female of kitefoil , They Kite. “The goal of these trainings is to be a performance booster for the girls in order of J.O of 2024. The format for the Games is the mixed relay. Today, there are four French boys in the top 6 in the world and we need to advance girls’ analyzes their coach Antoine Weiss. The program they Kite, launched in 2019 by the first FFVoile in a detection concern, now opens its performance category. It prefigures the development of Pole Changing Kite at EMC after a year of construction. At the next school year, the female elite group will be at home in La Grande Motte.

Workouts Team France and selection Pole France Young Nacra17

After three months to chafe, Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet selected for Tokyo, were first put green in the company of their coach, during a four-day hike in the Cévennes National Park. Next week, they will be able to train again alongside their partners and Tim Mourniac Noa Ancian.

Meanwhile, from 23 to 26 June, the EMC will proceed with the recruitment of young teams that will make up the slack. Following the national bid launched by the French Sailing Federation, the records of seven riders, girls and boys were retained for four days of tests at La Grande Motte. Navigation Nacra17 and Onefly, individual physical and maintenance tests are scheduled for this selection framed by Franck Billon Citeau and Loic.

The Nacra15 back

Funny spring for four young crews Nacra15 forming the Hope Center of the Grande Motte! All pupils or students, they spent their period of confinement shared between the dematerialized during monitoring and remote physical preparation provided by Romaric Linares. Two of them joined their family outside the metropolis, Tahiti and in Israel, and are still not able to return to France. For others, their coach and Nicolas Jégou, the recovery took place this week in Onefly (dinghy foil). From June 2, they will find their favorite catamaran.

Leaving his mark

Finally, this period of confinement has given birth to a new concept imagined by our neighbor and friend Kito de Pavant: “The Claws of the Lion” series of records from Port Camargue, in Aigues Mortes bay. All series represented EMC are eager to rub the small course of 22,000 christened the “Tartine Cup” to try to establish a reference time. Stay tuned ….

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