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Proposed appointment of John Paul Chapeleau as Chief Operating Officer

Proposed appointment of John Paul Chapeleau as Chief Operating Officer

The appointment of Jean-Paul Chapeleau as Deputy CEO in charge of Industrial Studies, Purchasing and Design Offices will be proposed to the Board of Directors December 18, 2019, with immediate effect. John Paul Chapeleau is currently CEO of Jeanneau and Prestige brands, and acts as advisor to the CEO at Group General Management Committee.

Jerome Metz, CEO, explains: “Given our current challenges, I am pleased to propose the appointment of Jean-Paul Chapeleau to accompany the group over a period of 3 years in the implementation of new strategic directions. I want to thank again John Paul Chapeleau who still choosing to let us get a few years of his skills and experience, shows its confidence in the strategic plan that we are now building, and facilitates its implementation. ”

As part of his new role, John Paul Chapeleau missions will align resources development and industrial resources with the brands and offers products; to boost product developments and adapt to challenges in segments and brands in the industry.

Christophe Caudrelier, Chief Operating Officer in charge of Operational Excellence, will work closely with John Paul Chapeleau, especially on the subject of Industrial Studies. It will validate and related investments.

Graduate Business School, John Paul Chapeleau Jeanneau joined in 1980. After an initial five-year mission to sales administration, he was Director of Logistics of the brand until 1995. Then, he held the according to Director After Sales and Customer Service for 10 years. Between 1992 and 1999, John Paul Chapeleau carried the development of production Jeanneau Poland. From 2006 to 2009, he was responsible for marketing and development coordinator boats to Jeanneau. For 10 years, John Paul Chapeleau is CEO of Jeanneau and Prestige brands.

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