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Back to School with Kevin Escoffier quickly in the bath …

Back to School with Kevin Escoffier quickly in the bath …

When the Pôle Finistère race off Port-la-Foret invites you to follow its reentry course, very easy to see why the Vendée Globe last five winners out of here. Immersion Training mode on board with Kevin Escoffier.

That morning, it honks on the pontoons. Sam Davies, Clarisse Cremer Beyou, Charlie Dalin, Thomas Ruyant Boris Hermann and Kevin Escoffier: there are seven skippers for this recovery. The Vendee is in five months. And the Arctic Vendée world tour prologue in barely a fortnight. It is time to get back. Imposed theme of the day: a regatta course faux solo mode. Kevin Escoffier carries two crew on board, but only provides all the maneuvers. Malouin and not long grind …

Dice the starting procedure, opposite Concarneau, Kevin Escoffier is nicely blocked in the rules by Sam Davies. The Malouin beautiful whistling, hooting, no gifts. Places are expensive. Priority to English. “But I was told at the briefing that left two lengths between each boat. Sam kindly stuck. OK, AC puts things in place. It is fast in the bath! “Result: PRB cut the last good line.

Under 11 knots of wind, the monohull orange slips quietly to port Glénan. Wonderful, if not very fast. Not much to do. Sandwiched between Sam Davies and Boris Hermann, Escoffier undergoes the situation. “When you take such a departure, after it’s complicated. You’re in hard for a while. “That leaves time to trim the end of fat between two maneuvers. “The Arctic Vendée? I also never sailed north. It’s gonna be fun. “His first solo? “In the race, yes. But I have already brought the boat alone Brazil after Jacques Vabre. And since decontainment, I made two trips of 24 hours solo. “Exchange of thoughts with its sailmaker. Sailing test appears to give satisfaction.

To travel around the world, each skipper sailed eight sails, not one more. The drives are an opportunity to find the right combination. Because here, it does not hide anything. Everything is shared. Each skipper unveils its speed and configuration of the boat (set of sails, keel angle …) Far ahead, Thomas Ruyant puts everyone agrees. Easy, the northerner. Very easy.

After three hours of a long upwind leg, Jeanne Grégoire -Finally whistles – the end of the first part. Ten minute break, time for the instructor Pôle Finistère Offshore Racing to give new instructions to return aboard. It just boggles the radio. A little too maneuvers taste skippers. Small salutary growls permission was finally given to collectively maneuver before a new start. And the journalist to play the team members, in the hold for matosser. Move equipment from one side to the other in a well-cluttered cockpit, two, it is well physically. Imagine all alone off Cape Horn …

Finally in the “right” direction, the latest generation IMOCA spin swing. The wake is widening, the pace is accelerating. PRB has its place in the midst of more recent machines. Launched in 2010, largely optimized in recent years, the craft still in underfoot. Escoffier can even finish second of the year, between Thomas Ruyant and Charlie Dalin. Not necessarily need a new boat to do well … Rather more than satisfactory. 19h: after a quick debriefing, return to the pontoons after seven hours of nav. The very next day, the group presents here for … 30 hours off! You have said training?

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