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Participation and cheer for the 1st edition of Velagiocate Cup “Peter Pan”

Participation and cheer for the 1st edition of Velagiocate Cup “Peter Pan”

The initiative organized by the Sailing Club Santa Venere took place Saturday, June 20. Great participation: fourteen boats on the starting line, with large and small children, wives, mothers, dogs

TROPEA (VV) – The First edition of Velagiocate – “Peter Pan Cup”, all set to act as a crew of fine and performing sailing boats offshore. The competition took place on 4 tests: Masquerade competition, cooking competition, the basketball competition at sea and, of course, sailing regatta. Every lowered performance of seconds or minutes the arrival time.

During the briefing the crews were given a mystery box containing the theme of disguise object: baby bottles, torn gloves, mask robber, plunger, colander … Crews are not broken down and interpreted with imagination and skills of the proposed themes. To win the victory of the crew Christian who played, according to pirate flag mysterious object, a crew of ramshackle Corsairs complete with a stump, wooden leg, eye patches, T-shirts with skulls. Second place went to a beautiful Athena bearded, helmeted legionary. Third place for children to Drake: an Egyptian lineage advancing the profile as the Egyptians.

In the sea the race was hard fought, thanks to a strong wind about 15 knots. Arrivals were very close together. First to cross the finish line was Damanhur, followed by Christian and Sicilian Sekeales. The competitors, after crossing the finish line, they had to challenge themselves in the race center. It took skill and maritime expertise to stop the boat as close as possible to a floating basket to launch yourself into the air of the numbered balls. Unique balls to score those of Aqualung and Damanhur.

After the boats had to return quickly to port and deliver such a starry jury, the dish prepared during navigation. Greater competition and difficult choice for the Marina Yacht Harbor chef team of Tropea: from couscous risotto, the eggplant rolls with fried zucchini flowers, pasta baked with caponata of eggplant and zucchini, it was a veritable feast of variety and delicacies. This is despite the ingredients of the kit was the same for all competitors. Deserved victory for the pumpkin flowers stuffed with cheese and tuna accompanied by caramelized onions crew of Hakuna Matata spouses.

The second dish was awarded a Calabrian appetizer Freeinthewind, while the third place was won by the elaborate complex of Be Quiet, on his debut in the race. The final ranking took into account all four performances in addition to the time bonuses that came from the presence on board of women, children, pets, crews in doubles. The award of the Peter Pan Cup was a surprise: a real roll of swine giant cup, executed with some of racers that evening along with mozzarella brought by the owner of the Regatta Saracen towers come himself from Caserta to attend the event. This twinning circles, even from different regions, is a strong policy pursued by the Sailing Club Santa Venere and led towards attaining major regattas, ranging from winter championship, organized by the friends of Cvl of Cetraro, to those in IVF national calendar the Italian offshore championship “Race of the Saracen Towers” and “Route of the Cyclops”, through the “Marsili Race”.

The standings saw the victory of Damanhur, according to Christian, the third Hakuna Matata. A win, however, were all rewarded with beautiful Canvas backpacks and kits Amaro Cape Gruner. Even friends of the Sailing Club Tropea have honored the event by participating in four and becoming an important figure in the standings. The ingredients for making the “Velagiocate – Peter Pan Cup” a classic race to be repeated in the future are there: participation, fun, light hearted, competition. So the next edition, waiting for the important races.

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