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Boat rental in Cargèse: how and where?

Boat rental in Cargèse: how and where?

Passing on the west coast in Corsica? Do not miss atypical coastal villages. Discover our best rental boat in Cargèse advice!

This is the most typical village of Corsica. Cargèse was built by the Greeks in the seventeenth century. Therefore, you will not find white characteristic of the Corsican houses. Instead, it’s an architecture with Greek gaits and an Orthodox church, the only of the island, you can admire.

This village is known on the west coast of Corsica for its five beautiful beaches, its Genoese tower by its history but also because of its surroundings. Between sea and mountain, river Chiuni through the village. This is a resort of charm, perfect for a weekend in 50 km from Ajaccio. Discover the charms of this typical village Corsica and discover our top tips for renting a boat in Cargèse.

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How and where to rent a boat in Corsica?

What kind of boat rentals in Cargèse?

The port of Cargèse is a small marina. The number of places to dock actually a marina on a human scale. Therefore, it is uncommon to see big boats here, except at anchor offshore.

You can easily rent a motor boat or a Zodiac from the port of Cargèse. A small selection of sailing boats is available even if the bulk of the offer for the latter is more to Ajaccio.

What is the price of a rental boat in Cargèse?

For boat rental by the day or half a day, you have the choice between a boat rental with or without skipper.

Rent a motorboat to 180 € for a minimum of six seats on board 1 200 € day to twelve people;

for minimum edge to; For a catamaran or yacht, go to the port of Ajaccio to find your happiness;

There are 14 private boats available for rental in Cargèse. But they are not always available depending on chosen dates;

private available for rental in Cargèse. But they are not always available depending on chosen dates; The Zodiacs are rented from 310 € the day for a capacity of five to 1200 € for twelve people;

for a capacity of to; It is also possible to rent jet skis for about 300 € the day.

However, the rates shown do not include fuel. Think refuel before and after your departure at sea.

You have no boating license so you are chilly · honest · s and hesitant · s · you to rent a boat in Cargèse? Go ahead and hire a boat with skipper. You will have the assurance that it · take care of everything during your boat tour.

Whether the exit or entrance to the port, but also fuel, these points can be stressful when not used. Do you remove this concern and made the choice to take someone with you on board.

On leasing platform online Click & boats boat, you can choose a rental with or without skipper. The owners of the boats themselves to decide to rent their boat. You will have direct contact with him. You can ask him any questions and seek guidance routes for Cargese.

Should a permit to sail in Cargèse?

For reasons of safety and legality, a boat license you will be required to rent a boat in Cargèse. Conversely, this does not mean that you can not make sea trip if you do not have this license. Indeed, the perfect solution is to take the boat rental with skipper option.

In this way, you can already plan several sea excursions during your stay in Cargèse.

Our advice to navigate Cargèse

The marina Cargèse has a capacity of 235 boats on pontoons. In addition, the port has a visitor space stops up to 35 seats.

Please note, port access conditions can only be done at night. In addition, access is restricted to less than 18 m boats. The draft is only 5 m. Educate yourself well on these points before renting a boat in another port of Corsica and wanting to stop in Cargèse.

If you need information, the port captaincy is open daily from 8 am to 19h in summer. They are fluent in French and Italian.

As you may have noticed, the port of Cargèse is a small port. Thus, the vast majority of boats are motorboats or boats zodiac. However, if you want to rent a sailboat, catamaran or a jet Cargèse, you will go to another port, such as Ajaccio.

What is the best time to navigate Cargèse?

As the Mediterranean coast, the weather conditions are favorable throughout the year. To navigate in Cargese, it is best to rent outside of the busiest months.

Thus, it is best to hire a boat from April to October. The strongest month in terms of traffic are July and August. But if you come in early July and late August, it is possible that you can also enjoy a quiet time, just before the arrival of tourists more massive.

Ideas boat routes from Cargèse

One of the most popular tours in Cargèse is Girolata Scandola by sea.

Change to the golf Sagone south of Cargèse and discover some of the beautiful beaches along the coast as Liamone or Stagnoli;

If you want to make a longer crossing over towards the south of Corsica, you can go up from Cargèse Ajaccio;

For further north cruise, go towards Piana and its splendid creeks in the Gulf of Porto.

Do not wait, you have all the information in hand to make the most of your boat rental in Cargèse!

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