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Boat rental in Gruissan: how and where?

Boat rental in Gruissan: how and where?

A stay in Gruissan and discover its maritime wealth by hiring a boat. Here are our top tips boat rental in Gruissan!

Welcome to the resort of the Aude. Gruissan is a port of pleasure and pleasant human scale. It is very close to the beaches of Narbonne and areas of nature still protected. On land, the massive Clape is renowned for its walks loaded the scents of pine, honeysuckle and thyme. Water side, one often evokes the corner to ponds where wildlife and flora flourish.

Whether to paddle, canoe or pull buoy, you will find everything you need for your summer holiday. Do not hesitate to rent a boat in Gruissan to discover its many maritime assets. Find in this article all you need to know about boat rental in Gruissan.

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What kind of boat rentals in Gruissan?

The port of Gruissan is a marina in the Mediterranean spirit. Therefore, all recreational boats to sail and motor thus can circulate inside provided you follow the rules of use.

Here, you can rent a motor boat, or when a sailboat, but also a catamaran, a rigid and even a yacht or a more unusual barge.

What is the price of a rental boat in Gruissan?

For boat rentals by the day, you have two options. Either take a boat with skipper or yourself point the bar!

Boat rental with skipper

Rent a motorboat to € 180 with three board seats to 750 € the day for twelve people;

with on board for; For a sailing boat, the prices range from 120 € for a boat of less than six meters for four to 1930 € per day for fourteen people for a sailboat 60 feet;

for a boat for a day for for a sailboat; Renting a catamaran for the day is 600 € for four to 1115 € per day with ten seats;

is between to to with; For a barge, it will provide € 330 to € 3,900 for a luxury houseboat for hire by the day;

for a luxury houseboat for rental; A yacht costs between € 900 for six at € 11,600 for twelve people a day.

Bareboat board

For a motorboat with two to four people on board, costs around € 150 and € 750 for six people;

on board, to allow around; Renting an electric boat is in Gruissan from 128 € per day;

; Renting a rigid cost between 160 to 750 € €;

; Sailing vessels range from 70 € per day for four to 680 € for a capacity of seven people and a very comfortable boat with 60 feet;

to to to capacity and a very comfortable boat with her; If you want to book a houseboat in Gruissan to navigate in Colombiers, Argens-Minervois or Béziers prices range from 275 € to 545 € for a minimum of seven to twelve;

to minimum; A motor yacht costs between € 1465 for minimum six people and € 2,900 for four people per day.

What’s more pleasant to enjoy a day at sea without thinking about logistics? Precisely for this reason it is better to rent a boat with a skipper.

Whether with a motorboat or sailboat, you only have to enjoy your day. The skipper takes care of everything. For a rental of a day or more, rental boats online platforms have interesting offers.

On Click & boat, there is a wide choice. You rather be starting · e · s for a turnkey day or you take things in hand, the boat rentals range site will seduce you. You can add options to your purchase with additional rent jet ski, wakeboards, water skiing or sea buoys.

Should a permit to sail in Gruissan?

As with any rental motorboat or sailing a boat license will normally be required. Various permits exist depending on the type of boat: the offshore license, coastal or river.

However, pork Gruissan provides electric boats without a license. For any other model boat, depending on the power of the latter, it is recommended to rent a boat with a skipper.

Our advice to navigate in Gruissan

In Gruissan, rates are changing depending on the season, as in most ports.

If you want to stop for a short time in port in high season, count between 18 € to 54 € per day depending on the length and width of your boat;

depending on the length and width of your boat; To stay a week, it will range between 61 € to 247 €;

; A stop of a month minimum cost 232 € to 996 €.

The port of Gruissan has a range of various services offered to users · facilitators. Thus you can enjoy free free charging stations for your mobile phones and other electronic devices to the captaincy. The staff also speaks three languages ​​fluently.

What is the best time to navigate Gruissan?

To fully enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean, prefer to rent a boat in Gruissan before and after the peak season. Indeed, there are fewer visitors and it will be more pleasant to navigate.

On the Mediterranean coast, local like to enjoy the Indian summer for a whole range of benefits. Put yourself in local life and take your turn simply a day at sea. Please do not forget your protection against the sun on the boat.

Ideas boat routes from Gruissan

You want to rent a boat to discover what the Mediterranean Sea has best to offer you in the region? Here are some ideas of routes and cruises.

One of the most interesting routes from Gruissan is heading to Agde, the black pearl of the Mediterranean;

For a more southern cruise, go to Leucate, popular resort for its long beaches and its many tourism activities;

If you want to leave several days at sea, why not go to the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. This way, you will follow the coast through Agde, but Sete, two famous places in the Mediterranean.

It’ll just cross the bridge to your future boat and explore the coast of Gruissan

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