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Federvela, economic aid to Italian clubs

Federvela, economic aid to Italian clubs

Rome – The Federal Council of the Italian Sailing Federation, met by video conference, voted on the Chairman Francis Hector a second economic support to maneuver Circles Velici affiliates. These are contributions for a total of about € 700,000 made available immediately, that will be an important help for the club in a difficult moment, after the long stop to the activities and the resumption bound by strict protocols both for sailing schools and for the regattas.

These new contributions are readily available thanks to the implementation mechanism: the amount for each Affiliate is in fact parameterized activity in 2019, starting as of membership, with a planned transfer of € 5 for each card issued by 31/12 / 2019, excluding Velascuola and Promotional tiles that overlap with another facility, and € 3 for each card and Pleasure Sailing goers. For all however is a contribution of € 200 to cover the expenses incurred for the purchase of products, equipment and services for sanitizing operations of the venues for the upturn.

It ‘easy to calculate that it is direct aid to the coffers of the clubs with the hope that they can facilitate the return to normal, and then to some extent also benefit the individual cardholder.

No further addition, the IVF Council has allocated another 75 thousand euro for instructors FIV aid which did not receive the expected contributions to sports collaborators delivered in recent weeks, in the face of documents certifying the following requirements: 1) Registration to instructors activities for 2019 and in good standing for 2020; 2) Ownership of a sports contract or a sports partnership during 2019 (the value not less than € 3,000 or 35 days); 3) lack of access to the benefits of “bonus sports collaborators” of the Government. The application and the documents can be submitted online from July 6 through site. The amount awarded will be € 300 up to a maximum of 250 questions.

Another item concerns by the Council deliberate interventions in favor of companies engaged in the activities of the Paralympic sailing, parasailing, for a total of about € 100,000, resources made available by the Italian Paralympic Committee, and available after the approval of the financial statements in 2019 and II variation notes to the financial statements 2020 as part of the CIP. The grant will be disbursed directly from CIP to companies as of 31/12/2019 have made membership parasiling, competitive activity parasailing National and International. The Federvela Company will send to the appropriate documentation.

The maneuver launched aid is added to the previous, implemented in late April for a further € 535,000 and being implemented, which provides grants and aid paid as a result of data relating to activities (membership, sailing school). The difference being that this second tranche of aid is, as mentioned, immediately available.

The total amount of the two maneuvers of subsidiaries fables is € 1,321,500, and represents the most important intervention in support of the Italian Sailing Federation.

The Council also approved the program concerning the upturn phase of competitive sailing. With the cooperation of the Class A and Zone Committees Associations by June it is estimated to have ready the new schedule of zonal regatta. The Company will then proceed to apply for planning permission to the competent authorities, from the Harbor. A process which according to the estimates of IVF should allow an effective resumption of regattas zonal beginning of July.

Finally, the Council unanimously approved the new Regulation to the Statute, presented by the chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Federal Cards Fabio Mazzoni, an important step in finalizing the internal regulatory framework of the federation, and following the approval of the new Statute in in March of 2019.

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