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Pesaro, Rossini Shipyard: construction in the two sheds for the most innovative yachts in the world

Pesaro, Rossini Shipyard: construction in the two sheds for the most innovative yachts in the world

PESARO – Luxury yacht at Shipyard Rossini here are the two most innovative buildings in the world.

The Rossini in Pesaro Shipyard is building two sheds for refitting and painting yachts. Two structures of 70 meters by 22 hospitalize where the boats.

The purpose of these buildings is to create a climatically controlled environment where you can work on large yachts.

There are many reasons why you need to have a space to

covered for work on a large yacht. For example, to repaint the yacht, an operation that occurs on average every five / six years in the yacht’s life.

In industry the yacht refitting these two sheds will be the most advanced facilities in the world.

The sheds will be extremely efficient from an energy point of view

It is completely insulated according to a very high standard. The

heating system, which is necessary to ensure the optimum temperature

for painting even during the winter months, using seawater

as geothermal sources. This means that the total consumption of

energy of these halls is very close to zero.

Before you start building new sheds ownership of the Shipyard

Rossini has carefully considered what would happen in 150 years to

when the inevitable replacement or reconstruction of the same. Unlike most industrial buildings, the materials used in these sheds are easy to disassemble and 98% recyclable.

The main materials used are: spruce wood from

ecosostenibili forests of the Alps, metal brackets in the produced steel

by Soltech company Montelabbate, an outer aluminum skin. Every

single piece of halls is “custom made”.

The technologies used in the design of the sheds are the most

advanced and fully Italian. Some of these technologies are so new that this is the first time they are used.

The rendering of the sheds

The halls of the hotel meets the most stringent earthquake standards.

In addition, contrary to what is commonly believed, the use of

Wood also makes it very resistant to fire. The exterior design features curved lines on all sides except the input ports.

The inspiration comes from the image of two adjacent upturned boats. THE

Color used outside of the sheds will be blue and white to blend with the Adriatic Sea and our beautiful summer sky.

The Pesaro Shipyard was acquired by Lisa Group which is owned 80% by Maltese capital and acquired the site for 2.5 million after years of stagnation following the collapse of October 2010. The recovery continues with a site modernized and able to attract yachts of over 55 meters thanks to its Travel Lift, a jewel of engineering capable of moving 560 tons vessels. It is a mechanical device driven by a remote control that moves on wheels 16 and allows to lift and lead to ground ships up to 52 meters from the water surface area of ​​the construction site in less than an hour.

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