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Presented the first international regatta Messina

Presented the first international regatta Messina

Messina, June 6, 2019

The first international regatta Messina-Syracuse-Malta was shown this morning at Palazzo Zanca by councilors for Sports Activities Giuseppe Scattareggia and Policies of the Sea and Beni Demaniali Maritime Dafne Musolino, from President AMCM Letterio Campolo, spokesman BIM Giuseppe Vadala Bertini, from the President Ivo Blandina Chamber of Commerce and the general director of the port Authority Ettore Gentile. “This initiative is the result of the partnership synthesis between Messina and Malta which was initialed on 15 November.” It is as reiterated by Scattareggia Musolino and councilors who went on to highlight that “the organization of the regatta is targeted to achieve an international project which also fit other activities. The Municipal Administration’s goal is to bring up the name of the city of Messina at international level and we thank all partners who have contributed to the success of the event. It is a sporting competition of great resonance which will also promote tourism in the area and our sea policies addressing the general public and by hosting two days before the race crews. ” The event is organized by the International Partnership Messina-Malta signed at Messina on November 15, of which the mayor Cateno De Luca is president. The regatta “On the route of Ulysses”, authorized by the commander of the Coast Guard-captaincy of Porto Gianfranco Rebuffat, will depart from Messina on July 10 from Scylla and Charybdis through the land of the Cyclops reach the Calypso Cave in Ogigia. The final awards ceremony is scheduled for July 14 at the Royal Yacht Club of Malta, the presence of Italian Ambassador to Malta Mario Sammartino.

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