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The wooden boat that will: yacht design and naval project

The wooden boat that will: yacht design and naval project

Speaking of wooden boat, the last article I wrote that we should not think of wood as a material that has had its day, but we have to “invent” a new wood for the time today. The subjects of this “we” are both designers and sailors, both lovers of this natural material and a low carbon footprint, both suitable to hold the sea from Venice.


It is clear that the ancient techniques of forming, of union and had, in the field of yachting wood tinning, generated insuperable forms which, however, can not return. You know the old saying that past water mills no longer … Today seems to me that the wood has undergone a transformation or lie no longer logs and planks, but in engineered panels with different characteristics. This wood processing process tests us: we must find new forms that deviate from appleshape roundness.


This is why we must look with special attention to the swath, the catamarans, the hulls in reverse and see all those forms that, more rectilinear than the traditional ones, allow us greater use of the panels. I can not here go into the architecture of the hulls mentioned, however, are all types that even in performance often effortlessly surpass their competitors used more like planing and semi-planing hulls V or round hull.

Cadillac Eldorado, source Wikipedia

The materials generate forms. The fiberglass, Prince material in yachting, first has mimicked the forms of the traditional wood then is turned toward the luxury shapes, just as it did with the Cadillac Eldorado model.

Steel and aluminum have suffered the round shapes and highlighted the lack of economy, reducing them, especially in the naval field, to those areas of the hulls where it can not do without. The wood instead struggling to find its way, its shape, its new charm.

SWATH vessel

Let me make a comment on today’s design time: the search for the brand at all costs, putting the bow of the boat the radiator of the car is not design. At best brand is “marking”. The design however is ethical. It not limited to that shape, but suggests a use modification of the design object. When it comes to industrial design, then the user modification is added to the completion of the construction technique.

The materials generate forms. It is an appeal to designers, “designed for new wood!” Ethicality assured.

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