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Alva Yachts debuts with two catamarans and a sailing boat electrical

Alva Yachts debuts with two catamarans and a sailing boat electrical

Alva Yachts launches electric catamarans Ocean Eco 60 and Eco 90 Ocean and the yacht to sail hybrid Ocean Sail 82. Good debut for this German company founded in early 2020, but you can count on former PICA Yachts company specializing in small sailing yachts and motor. With Alva Yachts here is the jump on luxury yachts, but always in a green version.

The boats are designed and developed by HENNDESIGN study. A brand known in the world of sailing, the owner is Holger Henn co-founder of Alva Yachts.

The electrical catamarans: Ocean Eco 60 and Eco 90 Ocean, produce 20:40 kW of energy

The pair of debut catamarans of start-ups are called Ocean Eco 60 and Eco 90 Ocean, and both are characterized by the raised bow to offer more space for solar panels, integrated into the structure of the catamaran. According to Alva Yachts, the system can generate 20 kW or 40 kW _ _ changes for catamaran and integrate such a lithium 300kWh. It can be integrated with a fuel cell system for hydrogen.

Calculations say that Ocean Eco 60 60 feet (about 18 meters) can travel 110 miles at 7 nautical knots and a much larger distance with a speed of 4 to 5 knots.

Alva Yachts is ready: “Two units of Eco 60 and Eco 90 are under construction is in the pipeline”

In addition the hybrid version is possible to use a system for harnessing wind power. So there’s a strong emphasis on using renewable energy, but in a luxury segment. Just read the description of ECO 90: “The main deck has a lounge, separate kitchen and dining area (optional), while on the upper deck you will find the sky lounge, cocktail bar and an impressive jacuzzi”. Alva Yachts argues that two Ocean Eco 60 units are already under construction and that the company has already catamaran from 90 feet in the pipeline.

Ocean Sail 82 Alva: the sailboat with the hybrid system and electric motor 135 kW

In this case there is not the full electric version, but relied on a hybrid propulsion system. The wind of course should be the “main fuel”, together with a 135 kW electric motor powered by a lithium battery 140 kWh of capacity. With regard to the measures we are talking about a 25 meters (80 feet), in this case also equipped with solar panels for a power of 5 kW. Also there is a small power generation while browsing.

There is much to do to get to zero emissions and it’s not just the propulsion recognize as the protagonists of the German shipyard: “Today, electricity is not always generated in a sustainable way, but it could be. Materials, production, transportation and use of yachts are all elements to be improved. Today we do not have all the answers, but it is our mission to deal with these problems. ”

The new frontier of Alva Yachts are solar houseboats

The German company after the announcement of the first three electric models claims to sail in the field of houseboats or the houseboats. He has not disclosed the details but made it known that it will be solar houseboats that can run offline. A tough challenge, but they say they have already received the first order from the Maldives.

“Our goal is to provide mobile solutions”, explains co-founder and CEO Mathias May. “The same technology and the same design philosophy, which create beautiful yacht low energy, can also drive change in the houseboats” sector. It also uses the term floating villas: “Our focus is on high and superior comfort-end design, we are driving the luxury to sustainability.”

Discover Vaielettrico videos on You Tube: click here

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