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Arthur Pjanic opened the dances. But the midfielder of Juventus should change again

Arthur Pjanic opened the dances. But the midfielder of Juventus should change again

Shipyard Juventus is officially open. The future of Juventus also pass by the market, as evidenced by the new exchange with Barcelona between Arthur Miralem Pjanic. And indeed, the middle line, clearly waiting for the answers of the field, is the department intended to be revolutionized in the near future. Arthur Sarri, he will have midfielder with two buttons missing him so much this season, but watching the current team (and thinking of possible beginners), it is clear how Paratici and the entire market sector Juventus must move to other tracks and other tracks.

Bentancur rest. But the rest? Let’s start with the former Boca Juniors. Half of Europe like the ’97 class. Juve knows, is aware. But imagine the farewell of the Uruguayan is a very complex exercise today. Because at Sarri its quality but also its flexibility, appreciate it nonetheless. Then there was Aaron Ramsey is Adrien Rabiot two technically different arguments, but from identical bases. The two players have reached zero and Arthur Pjanic operation is the latest example of the extent to which capital gains are now part of the market reasoning. Here, in case of transfer, Ramsey and Rabiot would both own capital gains. And probably giants. Both have a market in the Premier League to date, the bag sales opportunities seen French higher than the Welsh seems to have better inserted Sarriball.

The last two of the battery are Blaise Matuidi’s Sami Khedira: ductile and reliable players like the French are in little Sarri like it and will hardly be sold. Also because, returning to the capital gains reasoning, it does not bring much cash. different reasoning for Khedira: tactically, Sarri like it, it’s the middle of designated land that should have, or should have, bring heavy objects. Continuous physical problems require new thinking and probably a lot will also depend on its willingness to stay or possibly try something new, Premier or MLS.

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