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Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita: The offshore sailing back to Caorle with the races of the Club Nautico Santa Margherita

Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita: The offshore sailing back to Caorle with the races of the Club Nautico Santa Margherita

Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita: The offshore sailing back to Caorle with the races of the Club Nautico Santa Margherita

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The thirteenth to the street on July 10, the Cinquecento Trophy Pellegrini September 5

They return the thirteenth and the sixteenth trophy Pellegrini 2020 Club Nautico Santa Margherita, reprogrammed into an unusual period, but as always ready to give new emotions to the offshore sailing enthusiasts.

Confirmed so many beloved routes along the treacherous Adriatic waters with crossing of the Croatian islands, which over the years have left an indelible memory in thousands of sailors: from Caorle to Susak passing grade for The Two hundred and Caorle Tremiti Islands via Susak if La Cinquecento Trophy Pellegrini.

According to Italian Sailing Federation and UVAI the first to take to the water will be the thirteenth July 10 to 12, supported by historical partner Paulaner Beer and screws in 2000, a pioneer in the supply of materials for the shipbuilding industry and for industries , came on board a few weeks before the lockdown. With subsidiaries in France and Germany and outlets in cities with shipyards, screws 2000 is a longtime friend of the Club Nautico Santa Margherita.

Registrations open for a few days, they will occur exclusively using IT systems with a discount of 20% compared to the usual rates.

The Organizing Committee will take all precautions required by federal regulations to ensure the safety of participants and staff and if this edition sailors will have to do without the briefing, which will be held online, do not miss the warmth and welcome CNSM.

From arriving at the Dock Clock where participants will be welcomed by the staff who will deliver the Vennvind Upwind and gadgets, until the reception at sea for each vessel, awaiting the arrival from sunrise to sunset with a bottle of Prosecco Hills Cellar Soligo to toast to this twenty-sixth edition.

As always, even from home you can follow the progress of the race and the positions of the fleet, thanks to satellite detectors installed on board of each vessel.

The Cinquecento Trophy Pellegrini, for the first time in his nearly fifty-year history, will be held instead from 5 to 11 September.

If there will be favorable conditions, the boats will be housed in the fishing port, where there will also be gastronomic events open to the public, organized with the sponsorship and support of the City of Caorle.

On the same day, Saturday, September 5, at the start there will be a fleet of participants in the shortest The eighties, the Caorle-Grade-Piran route.

“We are happy to resume offshore activities, although in a different period than usual. Back in the water to race, even with all the necessary features in this period is a source of satisfaction and hope, a positive message for offshore sailing. ” So Gian Alberto Marcorin, President CNSM “We are grateful to our partners, who share our vision and who are working, in their own sector, with responsibility and willingness to look to the future.”.

The thirteenth and the sixteenth trophy Pellegrini 2020 CNSM enjoy the support and partnership of the City of Caorle, Dock Clock Pellegrini Group, screws 2000, Paulaner Beer, Cantina Colli del Soligo, Wind Design, Point Sailing, Wind Up by Aurora , Dial Beverages, Antal, Astra yacht, Trim. Technical sponsor of both races is Vennvind, nautical technical clothing brand.

Announcements and registration forms on the site info and news through the social channels of the Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita.

Photo: 2019 Edition: A. Carloni / CNSM

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