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Covid-19, Donini: “We can not exclude other summer outbreaks”

Covid-19, Donini: “We can not exclude other summer outbreaks”

“We can not exclude that there are also outbreaks in the summer.” To say and ‘the Regional Councilor for Health’ of Emilia-Romagna, Raffaele Donini, that after the case Bartolini in Bologna warns about yet virulent in place of covid-19. “The important ‘capacity’ of the system to track cases quickly and isolate them – says Donini, Monday morning at Agora ‘, on RAI-3 – but what and’ even more ‘important and’ gear up for a possible second wave autumn , for which we have already ‘a capacity’ production of 10,000-15,000 pads a day. ”

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Therefore, the commissioner warned, “we must not be underestimated compared to a virus which is ‘still diffuse and still creates outbreaks. But we must not fall into panic – adds Donini – our goal’ to track cases quickly, isolate and attack the virus quickly “. (Say source)

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