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Hundreds of Millions Fooled, Rushing Rise and Achieve Success

Hundreds of Millions Fooled, Rushing Rise and Achieve Success

Seeing the boat building business opportunity, make Dewi Sutini switched from relying on income as a family of fishermen, turning to his boat manufacturing business. The effort was quite rare in the District Munjungan because only he can make a boat with fiber material.

The sun started to move sink in the west, but the activity in the house Dewi Sutini, Masaran Village, District Munjungan, still looks busy. About 10 people troop push the boat out of the yard, crossed into the area of ​​the field.

Occasionally they called for a count of one, two, three, as a sign that they spur power as possible to drive. Among the 10 people, there are still young. That the elderly were observed. However, he did not lose the spirit of the young.

The boat size is quite long. Muzzle and tail extending beyond the connecting road antarrumah stairs (RT). More than 6 meters in length. At the muzzle boats tied with string, just above the pickup with tires repose. While on the tail, put on wheels. The boat was moved to the prone position. “In order not scratched or damaged snouts,” said Dewi Sutini.

After the boat was successfully transferred. There is still more that needs technology stage pulley with a height of about 2 meters. Usefulness to lift half of the body of the boat. Not far from the boat, ready truck with a bathtub that has been opened. Later, the boat will be transported by trucks. “This order from Gresik,” he said.

The mother of five children somewhat forgotten when the ship repair business is established. He wondered if the effort had been four years ago. During that time, the effort to cultivate the experience did not escape the melancholy story. “Never had cheated, too late for the cruise ship, but not paid completely,” he said, and his face was a bit moody.

Around 2017 ago, said Dewi, he never got an offer to make a family yacht in Gresik. The ship was ordered from a representative of the people. “She’s a member of parliament (DPR),” he said. The offer was approved by her husband. “For the husband if you already familiar so, so want-want it,” he said. In fact, he added, the manufacture of a yacht that costs are not small. “Nearly USD 300 million used for the boat,” he said.

During the process of the ship, right buyer always monitor any developments. But, says Dewi, still the process already reaped a lot of criticism. In fact, DP given it less. “I ask this, ask it,” he added. Dewi was reluctant to continue the story as only melancholy story as he remembers that moment. “Had trauma because of capital to manufacture the yacht of bank debt,” he said.

Effects of trauma was felt for several months. Until finally the goddess decided to pioneer the business again. He started taking orders repair boats and businesses has soared up to now.

The initial idea Dewi find this boat repair business started because of his family background fishermen. Drape sustenance of fishery products. His mother also had a large slerek boat (boats used to catch fish). The experience of childhood that was made familiar in world shipbuilding Goddess, understand the intricacies of the fishermen who need a boat. “Yes, sometimes if the ship were to be repaired. Meanwhile, people who fix it must have the skills,” he said.

The initial idea was to open a business as ship repair, he said, was inspired by the experiences of the first-first. Often repair the ship in Pacitan in particular. Then it was sticking idea about how to open a boat repair business in Earth Menak Sopal. “Boat-making team of local people here, but there is a genuine senior people from West Java. People here are also taught, but the experience still need more experience, “he explained.

Dewi admitted expertise to make the boat is still very rare. So even in Pacitan. Until now there has been no local people were able to make the boat start from zero. Venom is still limited to repairs. To that end, he took the initiative to establish cooperation with an expert from West Java who often called Educate. “It started from experts and colleagues and now brings his own very clever and drawn here,” he said

According to him, is quite difficult stage is the stage of the manufacture of molds. Difficult not in the sense of the manufacturing process. However, more in the issued capital. Dewi said, there are five mold has. Which are still being built. Including the latest boat models. “It’s just three molds boat that was not used anymore because the model is outdated,” he said.

The cost for the mold making it is quite expensive. Dewi said, it usually requires a cost of Rp 40 million. The reason for the purchase of resin need about USD 9 million and USD 8.5 million per drum.

Viewed from the manufacturing process, depending on consumer demand. Dewi says, there are 10 days to be finished. There is also the origin settled without limited time. Because, most people still have confidence, that make the boat must follow certain days. On this date also should be completed. “My team is only one. So of priority everywhere who asked first. The important thing is not to disappoint the consumer, “he said.

Pandemic Covid-19 also could affect the production of the boat. In the month of June is still two boats were completed. Whereas before there was the emergence of the virus, the Goddess could produce up to six boats for three weeks. “Six boats from government procurement, and the return of the plague expert corona. So if this corona plague subsided, she is also back here, “he said.

Given the kinds of boats ever produced. Dewi said they could make various models of boats. Good for boat fishing or tourism. Because the two types of boats were ever made. Live obey boat design requested by the consumer. “Depending on demand. Wants model of how the bias, origin made of fiber, “he said. Marketing is not limited to boats from the local Goddess Terri, but has come out of Java. (Tra / ed / tin)

(Rt / pur / alwk / JPR)

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