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Coronavirus in Russia: for Vladimir Putin, the results are there

Coronavirus in Russia: for Vladimir Putin, the results are there

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday welcomed the low mortality officially caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, assuring that his country had done much better in this area than other European countries.

"On the whole, we managed to turn this difficult page with a minimum of losses", he declared during a meeting with the workers of a shipyard in Kerch on the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014.

"In countries with a well-developed health system, rich countries in Europe, the death rate is 8, 10, 11, 13, in some countries 15%. We have 1.5%, ”he said.

Russia, the fourth world country in terms of number of contaminations after the United States, Brazil and India, has officially recorded 777,486 cases of coronavirus to date, including 12,427 deaths.

Figures manipulated?

While some suspect manipulation, the authorities assure that this low number of deaths is the result of a massive screening policy and strong measures taken from the start of the epidemic.

Vladimir Poutine, who did not wear masks like his interlocutors during this meeting, estimated that the "level of training" of Russian doctors and "the country's ability to mobilize its resources at the right time" had allowed these good results.

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Events well conducted

The Russian president also welcomed recent public events, such as the military parade organized on June 24 followed by a week of voting as part of the constitutional reform promoted by the Kremlin, no 'had not caused an increase in contamination.

"The threat is still there", he stressed, however, while the number of new daily cases remains high. Russia officially registered 5,940 new cases on Monday, dropping below 6,000 cases for the first time since the end of April.

Vladimir Poutine has also announced the cancellation of the "immortal regiment", a parade bringing together hundreds of thousands of Russians in the streets each year wearing portraits of their ancestors who took part in the Second World War. Scheduled for May 9 and postponed, it should have been held on July 26.

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