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Mercedes Classe G 63 by Carlex Design: a 22-inch yacht

Mercedes Classe G 63 by Carlex Design: a 22-inch yacht

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Bravo to Carlex Design, who managed to make a new Class G 63 AMG, very luxurious and not (too) in bad taste. Inspired by the world of luxury boats, the Carlex G 63 is covered in wood and leather in its cabin while on the outside it is painted in a two-tone navy blue paint on the upper part of its body and brushed silver. for the roof as well as under glass surfaces. The preparer was satisfied with the style without touching the biturbo V8 of 585 hp and 850 Nm which drives this road liner, a term more appropriate than ever.

The sea foot

Photo Credit – Carlex Design

The two-tone paint on the outside is the most beautiful effect. It is applied to the original bodywork of the G 63 AMG Class, without any special additional kit. This association is furiously reminiscent of the world of yachting or even aviation with brushed aluminum, and is associated with 5 triple-spoke 22-inch rims in the Maybach style. Inside, it's a stampede of leather and wood, with a floor entirely covered with thin lacquered floorboards, like on the deck of a Riva. Wood even adorns the rear part of the bench to create continuity in the parquet when the seats are folded down.

The front seats fully covered in perforated and laminated white leather adopt ears that seem to integrate speakers, thus adding an additional sound source to the luxury Hi-Fi system. Finally, in the purest naval spirit, the Alcantara roof recalls the design of the wooden planks located on the ground and an immense compass rose is located in its center, an element that is also found engraved on the wheel protection of rescue at the rear. In short, an original model that adds to the countless quantity of modified G-Class 63 AMGs.

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