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The second stage of the Persico 69F Cup with Giulia Conti

The second stage of the Persico 69F Cup with Giulia Conti

Our Giulia Conti is extremely aggressive and makes her debut as Ambassador B&G in the second stage of the Persico 69F Cup, which begins today in Gargnano on Lake Garda. The eyes of the fans have all been focused for a few weeks on this first sailing edition of the very fast monohull foil for crew that on July 19 last saw FlyingNikka46 with Enrico Zennaro – also an historic Ambassador B&G – the first winner in the Grand Prix 1 – and by far in history – of these small and modern flying monohulls.


Giulia was called directly by Dede De Luca, Chief Sailing Officer of Team 69F, who proposed that she enter the race at the second Grand Prix of this new sailing event, after the withdrawal of a crew. Conti, in this period on Lake Garda to train her American women's national team, has not had it repeated twice: “I am very loaded. I am not competing since the Rio Olympics in 2016, and this possibility fills me with joy. I will do my best, I was born competitive, but in reality the goal of the regatta will be to try to have fun and at the same time learn as much as possible from this sail of the future! ".

Eyes focused on Giulia who, together with the crew Giovanna Micol and Simone Salvà, will give us three days of emotions signed by B&G.

The formula of the Persico 69F Cup

The formula of this race is unique, designed to best express the qualities of the Persico 69F: the regulation provides for both fleet and slalom races, speed tests and long distance tests, elements of the challenge which will allow crews to race at an unprecedented level, experiment with new tactics and chase at maximum speed. Digitization and the tools used will allow you to relive all the technical aspects, share the emotion and performance levels. The tests will be refereed at sea by international umpires experts and even the ranking is revolutionary: it will not be enough, in fact, to finish first, because in addition to the points earned on the course, the ranking of the Persico 69F Cup will also be compiled by adding other performances, such as the maximum speed reached, the fastest side of the test, the best tactic, while the penalties will subtract precious points with a very restrictive interpretation of the racing rules, instead rewarding the "fair Teams", those who will have obtained less penalties during the whole Event.

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