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Yacht Club Hannibal: Traning Narc 2020 at Gonfie Vele

Yacht Club Hannibal: Traning Narc 2020 at Gonfie Vele

"Another week to be framed at the Hannibal Yacht Club for its second and final appointment of the TRANING NARC 2020", says Loris Plet, Director of the Hannibal Yacht Club and Coordinator of the NARC Circuit, satisfied.


The more formal approach of the first training session left room for a much more relaxed and conversational atmosphere between crews and professionals (Mauro Pelaschier, Alberto Leghissa, Lorenzo Bodini, Andrea Trani, Andrea Bussani, Alessandro Alberti, Ciro di Piazza, Marco Furlan). A continuous exchange of information, questions, advice and solutions. A heartfelt thanks goes to the professionals who, quoting Andrea Frighetto, owner of Barramundi (First 36.7), "They have been able to descend with humanity into a reality where competition and professionalism have different parameters".

The volcanic Gianfranco Berton, owner of Silver Age (Cookson 40) shares the same opinion: “New format for a new deal by EVOLUTION PRO: sharing, empathy, professionalism and friendship all round! Two weekends driven by the right wind that gradually crowned everyone's commitment. A unique high profile and human value. A special general moment between those who have made a passion for sailing a profession unlike those who have the same passion for philosophy, athleticism, performance, sustainability and respect ".

Also enthusiastic Rossana Bocus, contact person of the We Sailing Team “These workouts were used to remove rust after a long period of standstill and thanks to the shared training with the professionals we were able to grow each in their own role by creating a kind of enthusiasm and desire to resume business as soon as possible ".

The satisfaction of shipowners and crews has always been our goal!

Saturday and Sunday were characterized by quite different weather conditions. On Saturday a weak wind of 5-7 knots then quickly increased due to a thunderstorm touched by the fleet thanks to the timely return call from the organization.

Sunday sunny day, pleasant temperatures and wind around 11 – 13 knots, with little wave. Ideal conditions to end your workouts in style, leaving a splendid memory for all participants. The same staff of the Olimpic Sails Sails, which monitored the training between the buoys, giving technical advice aimed at sailing crews, showed satisfaction with the growth in particular of some crews! Sir
During the weekend, Nicola Sironi, ORC International contact person, to support the NARC staff, who previewed the Sail Insight application to the ten crews in training. The application will allow, once fully operational, to see the tracking of all the boats involved in the event but above all it will calculate the compensated times in real time.

Thanks go to the Organizing Committee in the figure of Dario Motz, who managed the test tests well, assisted by Patrizia Bagat and Davide Favretto. The collaboration between clubs is essential as it is profitable: Yacht Club Hannibal, Società Nautica Laguna, Polisportiva Sanmarco, Yacht Club Lignano and Triestina della Vela.

At the end of the training, the training briefing live on Facebook on the NARC channel. Follow us, Wednesday 22 July 2020, 9.00 pm.

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