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It has the voice that a little 'trembles when communicating via social Sharon, his partner (who is half his age), is expecting a child by him. Of course, Instagram Gianluca admitted he misses the sea and its 'toys', as the super-giant catamaran. But nothing can assert that happiness is giving Sharon, in

In 2018, my husband Philippe and I had sailed on the Saguenay Fjord during an introduction to sailing for three hours with Voile Mercator. In late August 2019, we wanted to relive the experience, but this time for two days! I must confess that my heart was big August 30

Fortunately, when it was our turn the godmother of Azzurra, Princess Zahra Aga Khan, he was far more decisive and broke it, though not the first time. The team work is now more important than ever, what is the secret of a very stable teams such as Azzurra? For me as a

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