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Sailing, storm and damage on the Route du Rhum, but in the Atlantic the former deputy Andrea Mura resists

Sailing, storm and damage on the Route du Rhum, but in the Atlantic the former deputy Andrea Mura resists

Andrea Fantini: is the second Italian skipper on the Route du Rhum 2018

Runs strongly, the skipper Andrea Mura, among the first in the standings in his class: with tenacity that someone defines nuragica, in the midst of waves 5-6 meters high and winds against 80 kilometers per hour. Some have dismantled, many have taken shelter, others proceed with failures and en route safety, but he, the Sardinian navigator with a palmares to envy the great French, is riding the storm that is decimating the ocean race Route du Rhum.Acque at least as tormenting those that Mura met in the Italian Parliament, he M5s deputy for a few months, then accused of not appearing almost or almost in the House, the heartfelt defense of having worked hard to bring to Italy, in Cagliari, a stage of the America’s Cup, then the choice of the mixed group and finally, almost unique case, the resignation in toto by the parliamentary coat. With the most popular bloggers of sailing who immediately invited him to go back to the ocean, to do what he could do better. I did it, from Sunday, after the unhappy political break, he came back to compete in the Everest of the crossings, on the route of the ancient ships that supplied Europe with rum, a unique stop of sailing in solitary from the French coast of Saint Malo to the warmth of Pointe-a-Pitre, in Guadeloupe, 3.542 miles of oceanic route to those who run faster and arrive first . Regatta that this year is proving infernal. The departure, with light wind and some ray of sun, took place last Sunday: with 123 skippers in the race, most of the French and English and at least three hundred thousand spectators along the coasts or on boats pleasure craft. Along with Mura, just another Italian debut, Andrea Fantini. It was known that it was not a walk and, even before leaving, the general manager of the race, with a completely unusual and criticized communication, had warned that only the start and the early hours of the competition would have been placid but then a super wait was expected -depression, or rather two, which would have hit hard especially the less fast and therefore smaller boats. And he also went so far as to suggest the slowest to immediately identify a safe haven where to repair, a mooring where they could stop and wait for the crossing of the fronts. Why not delay the departure? Why not postpone the firing of the cannon while waiting for a milder weather? Questions unheard. After two days, at least five competitors have disalbered, many boats, including the Enel Green by Andrea Fantini, have taken refuge along the ports of Brittany, from Roscoff to Brest to Lorient. Two favorites, Sébastien Josse and Thomas Coville, have suffered heavy damage on their giant multihulls flying over 30 meters long and are heading towards La Coruna. On giant multihulls (Ultim) in the lead at the moment are two French-phenomenon: François Gabart on Macif and Françis Joyon (Idec Sport), while the third, Armel Le Cléac’h, has destroyed a hull of his Maxi Banque Populaire IX in the north of the Azores and they are rescuing him. The Welshman Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) is ahead in the Imoca class. In the Rhum mono class where Mura competes, the fastest at the moment is Sidney Gavignet but the Sardinian skipper, on his 15 meter monohull “Vento di Sardegna” oscillates between the second and the fourth position, out of 17 competitors. One of the many retirees, in his brief report to the race committee, described his last moments on the run in the hostile sea: “It seemed to run on a minefield”. And another: “I do not chase the victory, and tonight I prefer to be sheltered in the port du Chateau in Brest rather than among the eight-meter waves that await me in the south of the Bay of Biscay” Andrea Mura, who is in his second participation in the Route du Rhum – the first time was in 2010 and, first Italian in the history of sailing, won in its category – so he spoke of another extreme regatta, the Ostar, which he had won in 2013 and in 2017 of which he recently came out a film: “21 boats left and only 8 arrived, 2 sunken boats, one dismantled, two skippers recovered by the Canadian Coast Guard for a depression called by Canadian metearologists:” the perfect storm “, deeper than 15 millibars of the Fastnet of the 1979 where 15 people lost their lives It’s a film, a short film, to remember the hardest race of my life, the conditions in this last Ostar were the most terrible, the worst I’ve ever met before ” . Perhaps Mura will also have to update his filmography.

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