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The team of the Vela Mankin School, still on the podium, confirms itself as a great team

The team of the Vela Mankin School, still on the podium, confirms itself as a great team

The team of the Vela Mankin School, still on the podium, confirms itself as a great team

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VIAREGGIO – The 2019 of the Nautical Club Versilia started under the best auspices and under the banner of the young helmsman of the Vela Valentin Mankin School who opened the new Optimist competitive season obtaining great results in the transfers to Naples and La Spezia.

The Optimist Squad, in fact, has put itself in great prominence in the Neapolitan gulf, where, perfectly organized by the Royal Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia under the delegation of the Italian Sailing Federation, the XXVI Campobasso Trophy, a prestigious international appointment reserved for the helmsmen from 9 at the age of 15. Excellent performance of the viareggino Manuel Scacciati who, thanks to a victory in the second race and excellent partials of the day, has climbed on the podium of the Cadet category (73 members) winning the third overall position (16 points, 9,1,6,2, 7) behind Tommaso Geiger, winner of the Unicef ​​Trophy (13 points, 3,3,10,6,1) and Christian Andreoli (14; dns, 2,5,3,4). In the last edition of the Trofeo Manuel was ranked 15th out of 51.

Great performance also of the other cadet of the Mankin School, Federico Querzolo, also awarded for winning the third test and for his seventh place overall (36; 16,10,1,27,9) .Bravi also the Juniores of the School Mankin: Margherita Pezzella (47th place, 49.10, ufd, 13.24,23), Federico Lunardi (48th, 32.6, ufd, 32.26,24), Adalberto Parra (52nd; , 34,10,30,29), Emma Maltese (59th, 61,8,45,26,30,31), Adele Ferrarini (138th), Alessia Alfano (144th) and Chiara Mori (159th). The victory in the Juniors, however, went for the second consecutive year to the two-time world champion Marco Gradoni followed by Tommaso Mesolella and the Latvian Martin Atilla.

Six tests disputed by the 170 Juniores in the suggestive water mirror in front of the promenade of Naples, while the Cadets, because of the wind too strong on the second day, could only complete five characterized by an unusual bitter cold. On the third and last day, due to the irregular wind, it was impossible for both categories to play the last scheduled races.

Satisfaction from all the competitors and the Organizing Committee for the large and technical participation. Present at the closing ceremony of the prestigious event named after Marcello Campobasso (for a long time president of the FIV Jury of Appeals of the FIV, still considered one of the main architects of the spread of sailing among young people in Naples and throughout Italy) the FIV summit with the president Francesco Ettorre, the vice president Alessandro Mei and the president of V Zona Francesco Lo Schiavo.

For the record they were also awarded the Targa Irene Campobasso in Geneva Caracciolo better ranked among the Juniors, the Targa Laura Rolandi at the Tognazzi Marine Village as the best club, the Branko Stacci Cup at Christopher Marsh (Royal Varuna YC Pattaya, Thailand) as a competitor coming from further away. Victoria Demurtas, first female Cadetti and Giuseppe Tacconi Acton, the youngest helmsman in the regatta, have also been rewarded. But the satisfactions have come from the Vela Mankin School children Samuele Bonifazi and Matteo Graziani involved in the XXIV Befana Day, a traditional event organized by the Società Vela La Spice that has seen down in the water mirror inside the breakwater of the Gulf of La Spezia 65 between Juniores and Cadets. The two days were characterized by pungent cold and light wind.

Samuele Bonifazi who in the last edition still Cadetto had closed the 18th place, after winning the first of the two disputed races, was awarded the third step of the podium in the Juniors (10 points, 1.9) behind the owner of the house Edoardo Guidi (4; 2,2) and Gabriele Venturino (5; 4,1). Good also for Matteo Graziani 31st absolute Juniores (20th last year but still in the Cadets).

Also this year, the Vela in Versilia, thanks to the commitment and attention of the three associations united in a single common project (Club Nautico Versilia, Torre del Lago Puccini Sailing Club and Velica Viareggina Company) will continue to focus on young people with the Vela Mankin School, the VelaScuola Project and many other important initiatives.

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