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Yacht club. On a bearing wave

Yacht club. On a bearing wave

A breath of fresh air on the harbor before sharing the pot of friendship in the headquarters of the Yacht Club.

With 138 licensees, loyal sailors, positive accounts and projects full of spinnaker, the Morlaix Yacht Club is positioned as the first club in Morlaix Bay. The general assembly of the association, chaired by Marc Jégou, was held Saturday, April 6, at the club headquarters, on the port. A return on the year 2018 brought to light the 2018 edition of Tresco with 89 starters and 580 team members, the organization of the Château Regattas with 37 Caravels and Cormorants. A special mention for Daniel Abgrall and his crew, winners of the Télégramme-Tresco-Trophée event and for Christophe Prigent who obtained the first place in the championship of Brittany, livable Osiris.

The club’s performers were also honored. Damien Cloarec for his participation in the Figaro, Jean-Marie Jézéquel and Paul Cloarec for their project to make the mini-transat, with a mini 6.50 series, small racing car of the seas whose construction is nearing completion.

Now in the 2019 edition of Telegram-Tresco-Trophy, which will take place from Wednesday, May 29 to Sunday, June 2, with already 50 registered. “We will probably reach the same number of participants as last year, that is to say 90 boats,” said Marc Jégou. 35 volunteers supervise the club’s flagship event, one of the few regattas in the West that has so many participants.

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