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An agreement signed for a new fluvial logistics solution: Green Deliriver

An agreement signed for a new fluvial logistics solution: Green Deliriver

The global engineering group Segula Technologies has reached an agreement with the main natural gas distribution network operator in France, GRDF, as well as seven other partners – Seine Shipyard and Oise, Greater Paris Seine & Oise Urban Community (GPS & O), Saint-Gobain Distribution Building France, Syctom, the metropolitan agency for household waste, Total Marketing Services, Haropa Ports of Paris and Voies navigables de France (VNF) – for the development of the Green Deliriver river shuttle. The protocol, signed on the occasion of the Salon des Maires de France, aims at the realization of a pilot boat by 2020. A project anchored on the territory of the urban community GPS & O which promises to be job creators during the construction of the boats and their exploitation phase. “Co-creation is at the heart of the DNA of the Green Deliriver project. Since its conception by the research and innovation teams of Segula Technologies, we aim to unite the greatest number to guarantee the success of the development of Green Deliriver. This project covers several industrial themes on which our group has been working for many years: naval architecture, energy efficiency, new materials and new energies, but also the mobility of the future, “said Nicolas Chantrenne, Managing Director France of Segula Technologies.

Virtuous fluvial logistics

It is against the explosion of e-commerce and the congestion of the road networks that this river transport initiative was imagined, offering a solution in the setting up of short circuits to serve the city centers and to reduce the impacts of the transport. The project is the result of a partnership between Segula Technologies with GPS & O and GRDF, wishing to implement a concept of urban logistics via the river network to transport goods from the urban periphery to the center of Paris, by the Seine. The idea is also that the shuttle evacuates, on return, urban waste to treatment and recovery centers. To move, Green Deliriver will have a hybrid biogas / silent electric propulsion to reduce emissions of air pollutants and will rely on CNG stations (compressed natural gas) positioned along the fluvial axis and supplied with gas from the network operated by GRDF.

The shuttle will also be able to efficiently manage goods through the use of an on-board and connected warehouse, maximizing cargo volume and using fast handling systems. As for the delivery on the last kilometer, it will be realized via low-impact solutions. “GRDF is committed to supporting Segula Technologies in its search for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable mobility. Engaged in the energy transition, GRDF has the ambition to support the development dynamic of the CNG and bioGNV sector because it is one of the best answers to the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility and allows to quickly improve the quality of the air. GNV and bioGNV offer communities and businesses a solution to reach the target of 10% renewable energy in transport by 2020 set by the energy transition law for green growth by contributing to the anchoring a circular economy in the heart of the territories, “commented Edouard Sauvage, CEO of GRDF.

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