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Cannes jeunesse, THE partner of our families

Cannes jeunesse, THE partner of our families

Cannes youth. Almost fifty years of existence, 3,500 adherents each year, generations of children and adults who have passed through it. An element of the heritage of Cannes and beyond …

Today, if you want to register your 6-12 years in the spaces childhood and leisure in the evening on Wednesdays and during school holidays it is to her that you turn to. If you want to sleep on Sainte Marguerite Island at Fort Royal. If you want to join an active sailing club, intergenerational, or just rent a kayak, a paddle, a catamaran you can connect to

The must

This is the must. The guarantee of quality. The certainty that children will practice a hobby, a sporting or artistic activity while continuing their education.

No question of consuming sailing or excursions without learning. This was perfectly recalled by one of the members of the evening management of the general assembly: Cannes jeunesse is not a “simple daycare”. We have fun while respecting each other, working on his citizenship, his autonomy, his sense of responsibility, and developing an educational project in partnership with his family. “One study showed that settlements and recreation centers were the antidote to the cleavage climate of the moment,” Jamal Jarrar punctuated this evening. Cannes jeunesse understood this and it is a long time ago already.

The recipe for his success? This state of mind defended tooth and nail at each activity preparation meeting that’s for sure. But not only.

Cannes youth is a real actor in his city. Actor in employment insertion because she does not hesitate to train young people and to hire them. Actor in the evolution of the city: Pascal Berthault, its director, recalled the other night: she works for example actively in the neighborhoods. Especially at the Nouvelle Frayère project alongside Parcours de femmes. Cultural actor because the association, which works with the cultural department of the city develops a lot of culture projects. Heritage actor with the work done in the framework of the UNESCO Islands Project. Actor, motor, force of proposal, witness of his time. Cannes jeunesse is constantly questioning itself every second how to meet even more the needs of this ever-changing society.

100% filling rate and 93% satisfaction for the international center of stay (on Sainte-Marguerite), an attendance which increased by 21, 63% on the whole activity.

Figures shoveled the evening of the general meeting. We will not resist to give you a few more: 30 987 children days. 44,829 sailing trips …

The volumes are impressive. Initiatives too …

Let us remember for 2018 the operation of Les Malles Magiques, “MéditerranéA”, which has really worked with children. The idea was great: go dig up, 30 years later, an old trunk placed by the children of the previous generation at the fort. And ask another, full of messages, creations and testimonials, to open in 2038.

Everyone loved it and still talk about it …

Other novelties to note: the garden of the seas allowing 4 years to come into contact with navigation, the privilege nautical pass offering to Cannes, great rates at point rental Cannes youth. This rental point, which allows families to discover lots of new activities (paddle, winfoil, paddle). The European eco-label for the residence center. The DDA event (Disconnect, relax, have fun) to the islands, the Lérins Jazz and the meeting of the local Missions. Three events that it is also planned to renew.

The website of the association will be redesigned: in 2020 the queues to register children, everything will be online.

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