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Catamaran II, thanks to the JEP and example of the Tedh

Catamaran II, thanks to the JEP and example of the Tedh

Personally, I believe that the JEP should take note of the different courts of justice in the world that are involved in analyzing and sentencing the different terrorist groups. Only in that way, then, would we stop wasting time in outrage and, as many colleagues ask, we would be concerned with “saving the peace”; but, save what “peace”, safeguard it from what or from whom, gentlemen ?! Rather God seizes us confessed to all because justice in Colombia – that no one is deceived – is a parody of itself.

It seems vital to me with the following example, “inform them”, “communicate” -for those who defend the unsustainable thanks to ideological bias- that on Tuesday, October 23, a true court: the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), endorsed the verdicts of Spanish justice so that none of the ETA prisoners could count the years of prison in France and “delay in that way their release.” In short, the sentences for terrorism are met!

And we are an example of something in justice and democracy? Yes! Of an ex-president who, according to the testimony of Enrique Santos in his new book, “… he locked himself up for half an hour in his library and then raised the idea of ​​his resignation”. It’s a shame he has not done it; he had in his hands the last opportunity to make us see all the unbelievers of his process that his was natural philanthropy, but no, he did not resign and went over the result, of democracy to nourish us with the idea that, rather, It was a matter of pure and net narcissism with an advertising nose for a prize. Fortunately, the result of the plebiscite – which was not expected by his father – caused international opinion (much, here in France) to question what was the calambur propaganda of the “peace” of Santos and his prophesied Eden in those endless tours.

In the same way, they consider that a massacre executed by the Farc is, simply, an uncomfortable statistic that must be hidden. FACEBOOK


Many will say that it is raining on wet, that Santos is already a matter of the past and “peace” must be saved because he “governed for history and not for the polls”; However, how the hell can we defend the “justice” of the JEP that is not a survey, but the day to day of a present and a national historical future ?!

To the Special Jurisdiction of Peace – very “special” by the way -, it seems, does not care about public opinion when it comes to favoring with vacation permits – a catamaran II – to the heads of the Farc. Something as if the judges of Strasbourg had decided -passing Spanish law- that the ETA members should be exonerated to send them immediately to rest in Ibiza. As absurd as an example, but it is the allegorical reality of a biased “justice” of the JEP that surpasses any fiction and does what it wants for the people to support it stoically with the languid argument of “saving the peace”; Without a doubt, our only oasis in hell!

Gentlemen of the JEP, before the carnival of blindness, I remind you that the FARC are not a group of misunderstood, they have a terrorist and drug trafficking history like Jesús Santrich! Although you all make up with time; that is, delaying and delaying! Their way of doing “justice” is overlooking the bloodthirsty brutality of those who use all kinds of violence and carry even letters up their sleeves like dissidences; In addition, you devalue true justice before the truly outraged who accumulate impotent processions in the heart. In the same way, they consider that a massacre executed by the Farc is, simply, an uncomfortable statistic that must be hidden, small deaths, matters out of context and libretto whose unfortunate destinies are attributed only to unfortunates, to those who should never be born ; corpses without last name that will never merit an examination of social conscience because the “peace” was always “in a chunk”: the one of the Farc and a few that proclaim their absurd defense.

P. S .: Social coexistence is sustainable and can be built; very different from the chimera of “peace”, and the government of President Duque has a less eye-catching task and without much publicity: to rescue rank-and-file guerrillas from dissent. There is a way to do it. I assure you!

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