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Constituent as an alternative?

Constituent as an alternative?

This week one of the most sensitive obstacles was overcome, to continue increasing the VAT taxable base of some products, which are not many, that are still excluded from this tax. Congratulations to President Duque who received the Colombian State as if it had been administered by an inveterate dipsomaniac and an accomplished dilapidator! We already know that much of the underfinancing has much, or better, everything to do with the gavels granted to those who for decades have prostrated themselves to finish the institutionality, honor, life and property of the Colombians. The last of these characters: taken from the stadium sending letters that if they extradite a narco buddy, the agreements are ruined.

To these expressions no one blushes or even laughs, to see how some subjects condition the Colombian state in full to reserve the extradition of Santrich under pain of sending the agreements to hell, without criticism of both pacifist and Nobel enthusiast, and unsuspecting deceived by the coca multinational. How much is it mocking the State, the people who believed in that agreement; that is to say, the trillions of life, education, health, infrastructure, childhood, food and security were thrown away, and to end a fiscal gap that seems impossible to cover with a State slow and without agility, typical of clientelism, corruption.

The most attractive changes for a modern state, such as the ideas of President Duque, can not be achieved only with good intentions. Sometimes we are Colombians very deserved, irresponsible and ungrateful; I mention it by the fact of pretending certain currents that President Duque changed the direction that the country was bringing in just 100 days, when the Nobel of the lie lasted 96 months, disrupting the country. Or perhaps we are going to forget the fast track, the Havanan catamaran ride, the gift of Isagén, the persecution of its detractors, the 300 million curtains, the journeys with two planes around the world talking about lasting peace …

The genius of the Colombian has no limit, and therefore appeals to technologies and innovation as an important edge for economic recovery. It is that we must recognize that the biggest employer in Colombia is unfortunately the State, and that is a negative imprint that we all must change, we are sure that if unity calls us more than division, more solidarity than selfishness, we will achieve it; President Duque made a great platform with thematic axes that are indispensable for the country, which only benefit the ordinary citizen, as is the reform of justice, a reform that has been difficult to structure and validate inside the corporations who administer justice ..

President Duque, you have in this opportunity the greatest of achieving unity and taking those reforms forward, not only justice but also politics, where we achieve an organ that produces laws much more aware of our reality, much more connected with the citizen and much more honorable. A reform to our symbols where the least respect is respected and where respect for the rights of others is a constant; As we know that these reforms are complex and difficult to get ahead, it would be very necessary to ask the Colombians in these regional elections if they want a constituent, their own and expedited mechanism for this. I say yes!

By: Guillermo Rodríguez / @guillorodrig

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