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Dieppe: jobs to fill at the MIM shipyard whose order book is filled

Dieppe: jobs to fill at the MIM shipyard whose order book is filled

“We are looking for fifteen people now and forty for our peak of activities announced in the coming weeks” Philippe Brechon, General Manager of Dieppe Shipyard Manche Marine Industry (MIM) set up Thursday morning, with Pôle emploi, a job dating which gathered about forty candidates including some women looking for a job related to shipbuilding and boiler making.

Young graduates from high schools, candidates with experience or wanting to pursue a new professional activity came to the company to visit administrative offices and workshops to get to know the site. So this motivated Georgian worker explains, in a still approximate French, that he worked as a welder in many ports of the Eastern countries …

Philippe Brechon presented the different facets of the business and gave an idea of ​​the profile he is looking for in priority. “I favor candidates who write their personal cover letter, rather than those who use the standard format on the internet. This gives me an idea of ​​the candidate’s investment. The director recognizes “staying a boss old fashioned”, but “I adapt my company to new technologies, especially in our design offices and diversity of activities. MIM makes boats in steel hull and their fittings, pontoons restaurants but also piping. We also equip the boats with new fire extinguishing systems. And we develop the sale on the websites. “

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