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Dominique Renouf looks to the future of Lot

Dominique Renouf looks to the future of Lot

Dominique Renouf is about to succeed: in a few weeks, the first solar check mark of a future fleet of 10 boats will be launched. “This year 2019 is under the best auspices,” she says.

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, a period filled with good news for Dominique Renouf and his project of flotilla of solar coaches, “all habitable and intended for a relaxing navigation on the Lot, in silence and tranquility “.

It is a project that the owner and creator of “Kevin”, “the first solar hotel ship in the world”, she recalls in every conversation, “and that I operate since 2006”, and which gives Dominique Renouf has an undeniable experience in this field of river navigation, a project she has been carrying for many years.

In November, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region granted a grant to finance the first prototype; a few weeks before, an investor Valérie Vandelfeld contacted her and wanted to put a large part of her savings into the project (see our edition of December 3, 2018). “Everything was then chained very quickly. The first boat was to be built in aluminum here, on New Year’s Eve. In early December, I went to the Paris Boat Show to meet other designers of solar boats. And chance did the rest. ”

Launching scheduled for April 24

In fact, she came into contact with Patrice P, director of Meta Chantier Naval based in Tarare, 60 km from Lyon. “The story of this project is exciting. Fifty years ago, they developed a new boat-building technique, the Strongall®, which makes it possible to quickly build boat hulls, which are solid and require little maintenance. And all their boats built since this period are still in navigation. We talked by phone and I went to work in early January. The manufacturing contract is signed, and the hull with the deck will be delivered here at the end of February. In early March, we will set up the superstructure of the boat, mid-March will be the period of installation of all solar electro equipment, and I think that the first launch will take place on April 24, the day of my birthday”.

In a few months, it will be possible to see one or more solar coaches navigate the Lot thanks to Dominique Renouf’s unwavering determination.

> An information and presentation meeting of the project will take place on Monday, January 14, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, at the “L’Utopie” cinema in Sainte-Livrade.

Departmental Council Support

On December 13th, the SAS Bateau pour la planète received a letter signed by Pierre Camani giving him all the support of the departmental council: “You recently presented to my services the project to create a fleet of solar boats that you wear and which aims to create a unique tourist offer in the department. It will continue to make the Lot down a sailing destination on the slow solar tourism.

I think this particularly innovative tourism investment will be structuring for the territory. It is also in line with the Lot-et-Garonne tourist development plan 2014-2020 which encourages, among its actions, the adaptation of the equipment to the new requirements of tourists.

Also, I assure you of the whole support of the department which will be able to intervene within the framework of the device of assistance “other tourist facilities” with the communities which will initiate programs of facilities of the structures of reception such as the stopping places pontoons … ‘.

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