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Dream Yacht Charter buys SamBoat

Dream Yacht Charter buys SamBoat

With this acquisition, Dream Yacht Charter is pursuing its strategy to eventually become the Amazon of nautical practice.

Yesterday, at a press conference held at Drouant, the famous Parisian restaurant that now hosts the jury of the Goncourt Award, Dream Yacht Charter announced the acquisition with NextStage Capital, one of the leaders of the boat rental by internet, the French start-up SamBoat.

In this video interview ActuNautique, Loïc Bonnet explains the reasons for this acquisition, which is part of a long-term strategy, which aims to make Dream Yacht Charter the world leader in nautical practice.

Until now, Dream Yacht Charter has been active in 3 market segments: Boat Clubs, weekly boat rentals and cabin cruises on luxury yachts.

The acquisition of SamBoat, which has been distributing Dream Yacht Charter’s offers online for 18 months, allows it to enter the day-to-day rental market, both for individuals and for individuals.

The Bordeaux start-up, with 15 employees, also brings a unique expertise in online commerce, both front office and back office. This technology will soon be deployed on the latest distributors acquired by Dream Yacht Charter, whether it is Argos in Germany, Latesail in the US and Great Britain, Vents de Mer in France and Poseidon. Croatia Yacht Club in Sweden, enabling the SamBoat platform to achieve a figure of nearly 30 million euros, positioning it de facto as the world leader in the sector, far ahead of its first competitor.

With a very ambitious strategy, Dream Yacht Charter will achieve nearly 150 million euros in sales this year, growing by almost 33%. Growth is expected to continue next year, thanks to a reservation system allowing the company to have 6 months of visibility on its future activity.

Decryption – World leader in boat rentals with a fleet of 1,000 yachts, 50% in monohulls and 50% in catamarans, Dream Yacht Charter passes the overdrive by investing the last craft that was missing from its range of services: rental in the day. In the sector of nautical practice, it seems that its only long-term competitor is the Bénéteau group, which has great ambitions in the Boats Clubs and with Band of Boats, wants to facilitate access to nautical practice.

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