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Famous yachts on display in Rimini: the Cranchi Tour ended, bringing together enthusiasts from all over Italy

Famous yachts on display in Rimini: the Cranchi Tour ended, bringing together enthusiasts from all over Italy



| 5:29 pm – April 16th 2018

The dock for two days opened the gates to Rimini with an all-round event. The visitors, walking through the docks of the port, fully experienced the nautical world by visiting the stands of the various exhibiting companies, all representing the absolute excellence of the nautical world.

The undisputed protagonist is the Cranchi Village, which hosted the Rimini stage of the Cranchi Gran Tour, a real tour of the lombrardo shipyard which, to present its range, is navignado for the seas, stopping in the most important ports. Rimini has been chosen by Cranchi thanks to Rimini Service Yacht & Sail, official dealer Cranchi Yacht and a leading company in the Italian nautical scene. Rimini Service Yacht & Sail, thanks to the commitment of its owner Massimo Scagnelli has created a real village entirely dedicated to the world of Cranchi and to make matters worse, has meant that Rimini was the setting for the presentation of the new and revolutionary Cranchi T36 Crossover , an absolutely innovative boat in the concept.

In addition to the boats, Massimo Scagnelli offered the audience an exciting show of Jet Ski staged by the team of Marina Jet Riders as well as the opportunity to try the new Lamborghini Huracan thanks to the collaboration with GT Rent Italia.

“A really exciting two days, even if it is difficult to set up, but it shows when the nautical world is able to attract people of all levels” – comments Massimo Scangnelli – “who sometimes want to touch a dream in the drawer at other times a choice of life. Italian boating is a world-class excellence that however needs to be opened as far as possible to 360 degrees so as not to remain in the collective imagination an ivory castle. We often read about how our country is an example for the global panorama in terms of gastronomy or fashion, but we can not fail to highlight companies like Cranchi, which for 150 years has represented the Made in Italy in a world where to emerge is certainly very complicated “.

Closed the chapter Cranchi Grand Tour 2018 is already working on the 2019 edition with the aim of doing things big to be able to get right into the event in the rich calendar of events in Rimini.

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