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GTT: another order for a LNG carrier

GTT: another order for a LNG carrier

Dear Client,

We want to give you some rules to follow to invest in the best conditions and to show you the potential risks to which you may be exposed.

Your knowledge, Your investor profile

First of all, evaluate your stock market and financial knowledge and train yourself by consulting the Investor’s Guide, a real introduction to the stock market and savings that is available on your Boursorama Banque website under the heading “Help / Training”.

Then define your investor profile (prudent, balanced, dynamic) and your objectives (investment duration, profitability …). This observation will help you to find the products and markets that are best for you.

Think about your liquidity needs

Adapt your investment period (1 month, 1 year, 5 years, …) to your liquidity needs (projects, taxes …) and in any case, do not invest in the stock market too much of your wealth.

The composition of your portfolio

Study the composition of your portfolio: diversify your investments to minimize the risk inherent in a specific medium or sector and do not invest in optional products (warrants, certificates) that are highly risky if your portfolio does not is not important enough.

Know the life of Societies

Learn about the company in which you plan to invest (news, financial health, future operations, …).

Act knowingly

Be aware of the risks you are exposed to: in fact, if certain products (volatile shares, warrants, certificates, futures, etc.) or certain investment methods (Deferred Settlement Service) increase the expectations of earnings, they also increase the risk considerably. of loss (total). Thus, a thorough prior technical knowledge is required, which is why we advise neophytes to deviate from this type of products.

Different risks depending on the markets

Be aware of the characteristics of the markets on which you will invest: you face a variable risk (liquidity, volatility, level of information, exchange …) according to the markets on which you decide to intervene (Prime Market, Second Market, New market, free market, foreign market …).

Freeze your losses

Finally, the golden rule to remember is to freeze his losses: it is up to you to define the amount of loss acceptable from the beginning and once this level reached act accordingly.

By applying these few rules of good conduct you will be able to better understand your risk when you invest in Markets

A set of full courses on the stock market is also available for free and you can find on your website Boursorama Bank in the “Help / Training”. If any questions remain unanswered, do not hesitate to contact your agency which is at your disposal.


The team of Boursorama Banque.

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