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Historical: Man went around Great Britain swimming

Historical: Man went around Great Britain swimming

A total of 157 days is the time that Briton Ross Edgley, 33 years old, needed to circle the Great Britain by swimming, a feat of 2,882 km that nobody had done so far.

Edgley, who left from the coastal city of Margate, in southeastern England, on June 1, ended his tour in that same place on Sunday under the shouts of joy of the 400 swimmers who came to receive him.

“A lot of people told me that it could not be done,” he said on arrival, quoted in a statement from his sponsor, Red Bull. “After doing it, it would be great to see that people change their personal barometer about what they think is possible,” he added.

The swimmers swam up to 12 hours a day, also at night, and had to face storms, jellyfish stings, muscle aches, ice water and the company of a shark. During the trip he was accompanied by a navigator aboard a catamaran.

In his 74th day of touring he had already broken the record of sea swimming in stages.

Edgley explained to the press that during the tour he ate more than 640 bananas and raised his morale by singing.

This athlete, accustomed to unusual tests, had previously climbed Mount Everest in 19 hours and ran a marathon by pulling a 1.4-tonne car.

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