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On Saturday 24 March the first edition of the Vesuvio Race was held

On Saturday 24 March the first edition of the Vesuvio Race was held

Saturday, March 24th the first edition of the Vesuvio Race was held. This regatta was born from the idea of ​​three friends of the Torre Annunziata Nautical Club, Alessandro Acunzo, Giuseppe Panariello and Gennaro Iasevoli who, fans of offshore regattas, decided a few months ago to organize an event that was open to the season offshore for boats driven ORC, here in the Gulf of Naples.

Like every first edition, it was a great bet, to receive credibility and trust from both the sponsors and the sailors, but with a steady work that lasted a few months, we arrived on Saturday at the start of the first edition.

The two partnerships with the support of the Italian Vela V Zona Federation chaired by Francesco Lo Schiavo brought in the eastern area of ​​the Gulf of Naples about 40 high-altitude boats, coming from various regions of Italy that were challenged in different classes regatta.

The offshore regatta on a 70 Miglia course was organized by the Torre Annunziata Nautical Club and by the Lega Navale section of Castellamare di Stabia which gave its precious contribution captained by the Patrizia Chierchia President and foresaw the departure in the waters in front of the port Marina di Stabia, the first two buoys in the Waters of Torre Annunziata, then proceed towards the Procida buoy. Subsequently the fleet had to double Ischia and Capri to return to the Marina di Stabia where the arrival was positioned.

A second reduced route was also called Vesuvius Race Light for boats without ORC tonnage which, after doubling the mark of Procida, provided for the return to the starting point where they would find the finish line.

The departure was given by the President of the CoR Francesco Coraggio assisted by Luciano Cosentino, Sergio Nardini, Carlo Coppola, Antonio Fusco and Antonio Russo, in perfect time, who, defying the lack of air present at the time on the race course, saw the fleet leave regularly.

Immediately, the NEO ITA4001 boat of LUCA SCOPPA of the C.C.NAPOLI took the lead in a solitary escape, which shot the first buoys in the waters of Torre Annunziata with a good distance on the fleet.

After a not brilliant start, the pursuit of Endlessgame ITA4888 COOKSON 50 by PIETRO MOSCHINI of R.Y.C.C.SAVOIA, which overtook the boat during the day, reached the first absolute goal in real time at 13:41:11.

Endlessgame won the Placido Barbero trophy for the fastest boat that had reached the finish line in real time. The trophy is in memory of the member who died prematurely of the Torre Annunziata Nautical Club.

After the appropriate calculations on the rewards instead the winning boat of the Vesuvio Race and therefore first in compensated time was Elixir FRA 18828 the X332 of Giuseppe Panariello of the CNTA that beat 4 minutes Endlessgame. Great satisfaction for the owner Giuseppe Panariello and his team.

The overall ranking was not rewarded but were awarded the various classes and for which ENDLESSGAME went the cup of the ORC 0-2 group at FLY AGAIN ITA17162 of Fabio Iadecola of the Nautical Club Caposele the winner of group 3, at ELIXIR that of group 4-5 winner and M-PHARMA ITA-14 of Luca del Zozzo of the YC Imperia that of the class950. The ranking of the crews x 2 (only two crew members) was won by DENEB ITA14985 FIRST 36.7 of the Military Navy S.V.M.M. with Francesco Picaro and Vincenzo Vano.

The light version, for boats not packed in ORC, was won by MILUNA ITAMILUNA by Alfonso Nasti, the first of his group to cross the line.

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