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Ostia, two men on a boat for the challenge to the Atlantic

Ostia, two men on a boat for the challenge to the Atlantic

They are in Dakar, on the Atlantic shores, waiting to be able to unload their multihull from a container, convinced that soon the bureaucratic traffic jams will melt, ready to take the wind, to try to lower a new Atlantic record. In two, sailing, on a mini-catamaran about the size of a skate (20 feet, just over six meters) arrived in Senegal and, from there, as soon as they manage to sail, their destination will be the Caribbean. A matter of days, hours, for the start of the sporting adventure that Tullio Picciolini and Giammarco Sardi launched from the Roman coast as sailors and also as ambassadors of Marevivo for Italy. The Ocean Cat, this is the name of the catamaran and of the entire marine adventure, it is not habitable and the sails will be the only engine of the oceanic challenge: to beat the Atlantic crossing record from Dakar to Guadeloupe, 2,551 nautical miles, over 4,700 km, to travel in less than 11 days, 1 hour , 9 minutes and 30 seconds, record set by Vittorio Malingri and his son Nico, two other Italians of the oceans, in April 2017 after beating a pair of French.

According to the weather analysis, the best conditions for departure should occur around 10 January but the customs clearance of the boat will result a few days late. In front of the coast of Dakar is the starting line where a judge of the World Sailing will decide the beginning of the new record attempt. “As soon as they let us open the container, we have a week of hard work to set up the boat – explained Picciolini, who is a pilot of civilian aircraft, already oceanic together with Matteo Miceli and column of the students of the Navy League of Ostia – We must also test the instrumentation on board and links with the operating room that will follow us from Rome with the Italian Coast Guard “.A Ostia all cheer for them while the crowdfunding campaign continues for those who want to support them: www. sportfunder. com / oceancat. For the first test on the Roman coast, godmother was the Olympic windsurfing multi-champion, Alessandra Sensini, Fiv’s youth technical director. The two sailors will meet days and nights all in one breath without sleep and poor food, a test of resistance to the limit on the waves (even bad) of the ocean, without bunks, kitchen or toilet. And without any shelter. Yet they can not wait to set sail.

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