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“Pomi one” – Rapallo, Mayor Bagnasco on the yacht-wreck

“Pomi one” – Rapallo, Mayor Bagnasco on the yacht-wreck

Silvia Pedemonte

Rapallo – The dark blue sweater, the rubber boots. The tricolor band: “And I know it well, what meaning it has, this band” repeats, several times.

The face pulled, the step sent: at the height of the Italy hotel the mayor of Rapallo Carlo Bagnasco pulls straight towards Castello. Move the barriers, enter the “red zone”. Walk towards the rocks up to here, where on the night between October 29th and 30th the “Pomi One” yacht crashed.

It looks like a picture postcard, this 20 meters close to the symbol of the city: as if someone had positioned it, so, on purpose. And here, on the “Pomi One” – just seven months of life, only one season at sea. Then, the destruction – now the mayor of Rapallo Carlo Bagnasco rises. To say that “enough, I can not and I do not want to be a mayor intermittently. I want to take responsibility, all of them. Give answers. Having those powers that a first citizen, today, does not have: I ask for exemptions to be able to bring our city to normal. To say enough to that deadly bureaucratic mix that, forty days after the storm, makes us find again in this situation. I would like to be a commissioner ad acta, for the time it takes “.

The tricolor on the chest. The tricolor in the flag at the top of the Castle, which flies on this December day from the hot sun and that wind that ruffles the hair and makes even thoughts turn.

Carlo Bagnasco, the mayor of the thousand found – one for all, that of the screens for the umarell. What are there, yes. But still without direct from the shipyards- he chose a blatant gesture. Using the beached boats, which are one of the symbols that will remain in the pages of local history that will come, when you remember the storm of 2018.

“Mine is not a protest. I’m not against the government, let’s be clear. Nor against politics. Rather, it is an underlining of the state of the art. We are forty days from the tsunami that we suffered, I do not want to say “They abandoned us”. Liguria region is there. Metropolitan city too. The central government too, I am convinced. And there is the Captains, there are law enforcement agencies. Rather: what is missing is the weather. The season is close to. We have no more time for bureaucracy. ” There are only 39 boats left on the surface. On the seabed the figures follow each other: “Hundreds, again”.

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