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Sabang Becomes the Target of World Cruises

Sabang Becomes the Target of World Cruises

VIVA – Sabang City is still the choice of cruise ships or yachts for the past few years. This is proven to be increasingly frequent and increasing numbers of cruise and yacht visits to Pulau Weh.

Being a destination for tourist boats, Sabang is the target of cruise ships from around the world. Within three months, five cruise ships carrying thousands of foreign tourists had been leaning on Sabang.

Five cruise ships, namely MS Seabourn Soujourn, MS Seven Saes Mariner, MS Silver Discoverer, MS Albatros and MS Europa. The arrival of five ships for three months has transported 4,411 foreign tourists to Sabang. The last is MS Europa, who just arrived in Sabang on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Attractions that are often visited by foreign and local tourists while on vacation in Sabang, include stretches of white sand beach in Iboih and Sumur Tiga. This location faces the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Strait. In addition, heritage tourism destinations, such as Japanese Fortress.

With the increasing visits of cruise and yachts to the city of Sabang it is believed that it will have an impact on local economic growth.

“We will strive to continue to improve services and we will work on how ship visits can continue to increase,” said Acting Head of the Sabang Regional Exploitation Agency (BPKS) Razuardi Ibrahim after welcoming cruise ship tourists MS Europa.

It targets, at least one ship will be visited every month in Sabang. While in terms of facilities, BPKS will continue to improve, as well as related parties such as the Sabang City Government, travel agents, tour guides and tourism actors in Sabang City.

“At present, it is sufficient to handle large cruises, where the BPKS dock has a length of more than 400 meters, and has deep seas. But most importantly, our port has ISPS-Code certificate about port security,” he said .

Razuardi said, according to the confirmation of the head of the port unit management, there will be other cruise ships that have confirmed that they will dock in Sabang until the end of 2019. The cruise ships include MS Azamara Quest, MS Seabourn Encore, MS Boudicca, Marella Discovery, and MS Seabourn Ovation.

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