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Shark kills man in Australia

Shark kills man in Australia

“He suffered severe shark bites, had a significant loss of blood, so he suffered cardiac arrest,” said a rescuer.

One man died from the serious injuries he suffered when attacked by a shark in Cid Harbor, on the Whitsunday Islands, off the east coast of Australia.

The incident, which has been described by rescuers as “the worst of all,” occurred on Monday afternoon as the 33-year-old man swam along with fellow friends near a yacht they had rented, police inspector Steve O ‘reported. Connell.

The victim, identified as a resident doctor of the Australian state of Victoria, was next to a woman with whom he was taking turns a rowing board and when it left the water to go up, the man entered the water, almost immediately he was attacked by the shark.

The doctor, who worked as a researcher at the Department of Urology at Austin Health in the city of Melbourne, suffered severe injuries to the left thigh, right calf and left wrist.

The group of doctors took him out of the water and gave him first aid on board the yacht until a RACQ CQ rescue helicopter arrived, which moved him to the northwest side of the island, from where he would be taken to the Mackay Base Hospital .

“He suffered severe bites, had a significant loss of blood, so he suffered cardiac arrest,” said Ben McCauley, RACQ rescue crew member, who described the injuries as “absolutely horrible.”

In less than 45 minutes, the seriously wounded man was resurrected twice before being taken to the hospital, where he was admitted to a critical condition about two hours after he suffered the attack, but later died, according to newspaper reports. The Sydney Mournin Herald.


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