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Andrea Spagnolli and Giulia Fava (FV Malcesine / AV Civitavecchia) are vice European Champions for the Nacra 15 class. The event for the award of the continental title has just ended in Gravedona (Como) at the AVAL-CDV Centro Vela Alto Lario.

The two Azzurri are preceded in the classification by the Belgian crew formed by Henri Demesmaeker and Frederique Van Eupen who then won the gold medal; third place and bronze medal for the Swiss Armaud Grange with Marie Van Der Klink.

Good seventh place finish (eighth in the general classification) for the other blue crew in the race formed by Leonardo Chistè and Sofia Leoni (CV Arco).

In the Open ranking – not valid for the European award – the first place is taken by the Argentineans Dante Cittadini with Teresa Romairone.

The FIV started the activity with the Nacra 15 in 2017 by buying three boats and promoting a series of internships in Anzio where the best athletes of the youth classes were involved – 29er, 420, HC 16 – interested in participating in an activity on the multihull. The development project of the Nacra 15 was defined by the technical director Giovanile Alessandra Sensini and entrusted to the national coach Gigi Picciau who followed him from the beginning in every phase.

In July 2017, four crews were identified who were followed along their journey on the catamaran by participating in federal training. Among these, three crews were selected who took part in the European Championships at the end of October 2017 in Medemblik, a valid event for the qualification of a nation-wide position for the YOG (Youth Olympic Games). The preparation continued throughout 2018 based in Cagliari where three joint federal training sessions were organized with the Olympic team Nacra 17 under the orders of the federal coach Gabriele Bruni. This choice has allowed the crews of the young catamaran, followed by the technician Gigi Picciau, to take advantage of the experience of the Olympic team and the federal technician who follows the largest boat. March and April were two challenging months during which more training sessions were organized this time in Barcelona, ​​where the World Championship would be held shortly thereafter, valid as the last Olympic selection for another 7 nation places for the YOG. Here Andrea Spagnolli and Giulia Fava qualified Italy for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. The winning of the silver medal at the Youth World Championship in Texas in July was the confirmation of the excellent work done for the identification of the crews and their preparation on the youth multihull.

Alessandra Sensini, FIV youth technical director: “I am very satisfied with the result of Andrea and Giulia at the Gravedona European Championship which is one month away from the silver at the World Championship in Texas, this podium confirms the validity of the choice to identify new crews from the various youth classes and the sports program that we have carried out with great effort in a year and a half “.

Domenico Foschini, Federal Councilor with responsibility for youth activity: “After a bit of unforeseen events at the 420 World Championship and an experience in the Feva World Championship with a nursery in training, comes a good test in the European Championship Nacra 15 with this beautiful silver by Andrea Spagnolli and Giulia Fava! Thanks to the President and the technical direction for supporting the growth of the athletes involved in the Nacra 15 class with resources and programming, obviously an applause to the coaches and all the crews who have been involved throughout the season “.

The next international appointment for the Nacra 15 is the Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Buenos Aires from 6 to 18 October 2018.

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