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The 6th Spanish BAM takes the name of Furor

The 6th Spanish BAM takes the name of Furor

Last Friday, a ceremony was held at Ferrol Navantia shipyard for the baptism of the future BAM of the Spanish Navy. The godmother of the boat is Ana Pastor, president of the Congress of Deputies. The ship takes the name of Furor, which was worn twice in the history of Armada Española. In the first place by a destroyer put into service in 1896 that sank in the battle of Santiago de Cuba. Then by an anti-submarine corvette, also built in Ferrol, which was active from 1960 to 1974.

Ana Pastor, godmother of the Furor, during the ceremony on Friday (© NAVANTIA)

Designated P-46, it is the 6th and last BAM (Buque de Acción Marítima). It must be delivered at the end of the year and must begin its sea trials this month. The first four, the Meteoro, Rayo, Relámpago and Tornado, came into service in 2011 and 2012. The 5th, the Audaz, was delivered in Cadiz last June.

With a length of 93.9 meters and a width of 14.2 meters, these offshore patrol boats have a displacement of 2490 tons under load. They can reach the speed of 20.5 knots and cross 8000 nautical miles at 15 knots. Their crew, originally planned for 35 men, is now 46 sailors, the buildings have housing to accommodate 70 people in all. Being able to embark a helicopter, the BAM implement fast craft. The armament includes a 76mm turret and light artillery.

Time lapse of the construction of the Furor (© NAVANTIA)

Ordered on November 21, 2014 for 333.5 million euros, the fifth and sixth BAM include various improvements, particularly in terms of environmental protection. Responding to the latest developments in the MARPOL Convention, they benefit from new engines and have a wastewater treatment plant. While various equipment obsolescence has been addressed, Navantia has reduced the overall weight of the new patrol boats, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Another BAM of the first series (© ARMADA)

Navantia waiting for F110

The next program to be launched in the Spanish Navy is the F110 frigates. With five units, the class of versatile frigates F-110 is expected to become the linchpin of the Armada alongside the five F-100s (class Álvaro de Bazán) delivered between 2002 and 2012. The Ferrol shipyard would be largely concerned by a possible contract. For several months, the industrialist tries to convince the Spanish State of the merits of this program, particularly in terms of economic and social benefits. The figure of 7000 direct and indirect jobs per year for a decade has been announced. The order of execution of the contract has not yet occurred. It is now hoped for the end of the year with a start of construction for next year.

The F110 series is to be built in Ferrol (© Navantia)

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