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With the passion of the super classic and fishing on a catamaran

With the passion of the super classic and fishing on a catamaran

A Boca-River or River-Boca looks from any corner of Salta, the country or the world. It is appealing from any location, on land or in the air, and in water, of course.

The passion for the superclassic that will define the most important tournament on the continent is of a unique nature. It is perhaps the only event with the strength to displace any other type of issue, except the fishing that is already scheduled one of the many catamarans that start daily in the dike Cabra Corral.

The boat belonging to Ariel Villar will merge the passion of the super classic with that of fishing, an activity that in Salta has its own community.

“I always said that the day I had a catamaran, I was going to put different things, what others lack. And when I put together my own, I started thinking about what I could do, as if to differentiate myself from the rest, and one of those things was TV. I put an LED in the dining room area and the fishermen enjoy it in all the trips because we also have boxing or we put videos of bloopers so that people have fun while they are eating, fishing or when there is no pique, “Ariel told El Tribuno .

Villar has always been a fishing professional and member of the board of directors of the fishermen’s club of Villa Cristina. He also says that music is often displayed on his small screen.

Ariel and her ship already had their agenda closed. For Saturday 10 an exit was scheduled without empty seats and with its crew insured to leave at 19. Until then, the classic was played on Wednesday 7, or today, but the plans changed, came the modification of the date and Ariel He began receiving several calls to suspend the exit. “The monkeys wanted to fail me because they wanted to see the game, I told them to calm down because they were going to be able to see him here on the catamaran”, before leaving and without suspending the trip. Villar had no choice but to go to the satellite television service to ensure the transmission of the great game between xeneizes and millionaires.

The fans-fishermen will be arriving from 15 to have everything ready before the meeting they will see from the coast. Still anchored in the Conea port, a club and private camping on the shore of the dike that is located a few kilometers from the bridge, the catamaran will vibrate with the emotions of the superclassic.

As soon as the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar finishes the match at La Bombonera, the minibarco will set sail inland, where the television signal becomes weak and inconstant. The boat plans to reach the area of ​​Los Cajones, Ablomé or Guachipas to start fishing, about 30 minutes from the mainland.

“It will be very good because half will come with Boca shirts and the other half with River, after the game we will all enjoy a beautiful fishing,” said Ariel. Your ship has capacity for 40 people and not one more person can join the move. On Saturday there is also a pejerrey contest on the bridge and several wanted to secure a spot in front of the 32-inch plasma. Only those who have reserved the day will be able to see the superclásico. The catamarans leave at 19 and return at 2, by regulation, every day.

Villar, 42, will act as helmsman but will also have two people as assistants, who will be attentive to any unusual, uncomfortable or violent situation. However, Ariel does not believe that there could be problems among the fishermen. “It will not be necessary, the 40 are known, they are friends”, said the captain of the ship that does not imagine more than healthy spent. “When they qualified, we were fishing, and many listened to the game on the radio, there were jokes and laughter, nothing more,” he recalled.

Ariel will live the relaxed superclásico because he has no personal interest in said party. He is a fan of Gymnastics and Shot but if he has to choose a side, he leans, barely, for those of Boca.

The special day that will be lived on his boat this Saturday will also be repeated in the rematch of the 24th, date for which there is no place either.

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